The Tokyo 2020 skateboarding course designs have been revealed ©California Skateparks

Designs for the courses on which skateboarding will make its Olympic debut have been released by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee.

Located in Ariake Urban Sports Park in Tokyo, the courses are due to be built in May.

Two skateboarding disciplines will be contested at the Games - street and park - each on a separate course.

Street skateboarding will be held on a course resembling a city street, complete with rails and steps, while the park course features hollowed-out bowl shapes associated with skate parks.

Each course will be close to two times the size of a standard competition course and organisers say they have been designed with equality of technique in mind.

This means in theory that skateboarders should not have a disadvantage whether they ride regular or goofy.

The proposed park course for Tokyo 2020 ©California Skateparks
The proposed park course for Tokyo 2020 ©California Skateparks

The design of the Tokyo 2020 courses was overseen by Joe Ciaglia, with Bill Minadeo overseeing construction.

"The design for the skateboarding street and park courses at the Tokyo 2020 Games is intended to far exceed anything that has ever been built for professional skateboarding competition," said Ciaglia.

"Each of the custom concrete courses was meticulously designed to give skateboard athletes the ability to maximise their own creativity, flow, speed, amplitude, technicality and variety.

"The layout of the skate features is also driven by the Olympic competition format and the goal of providing skateboard athletes from all over the world the terrain necessary to achieve their own personal best and to help advance skateboarding into the future."

The Tokyo 2020 Street competition is set for July 25 and 26, while park is scheduled for August 4 and 5.

American skateboarder Ben Hatchell praised the proposed park layout.

"The park design has a unique approach that doesn't favour one stance," said Hatchell.

The proposed Tokyo 2020 street course ©California Skateparks
The proposed Tokyo 2020 street course ©California Skateparks

"They packed a lot of features into the park, which will promote creativity and different uses for the same obstacles.

"The layout looks like it flows and I expect people will be quick to warm to it."

Takashi Nishikawa, director of Japan's Olympic skateboarding team, explained some of the features of both courses.

"The [park] course is one size larger and more complicated than the existing international competitions," said Nishikawa.

"There is also no doubt that the compound sections located in the course centre will increase the difficulty of the course and will have a significant impact on the skateboard's scoring in terms of difficulty, height, speed, and style depending on how it is used.

"There is plenty of flat space [on street course] when entering the section, and the course is designed to be very easy to start skating.

"In the first half run of the contest, the point is how fast the skateboarder can slide through the entire section and put in a lot of tricks."

One of the key features of the park course will be the "volcano" in the middle of the bowl, which Nishikawa noted would play a large part in how a skateboarder is scored.