As part of its continued efforts to promote noble sports and Olympic principles, the Olympic Council of Asia started a project in collaboration with Olympic Solidarity and Daimler Chrysler at the beginning of 2001, called “Olympasia”. This creates the opportunity for all to participate in sports as the project provides funding for the building and development of sporting facilities.

More than 28 NOCs have completed 43 projects, with many more planned over coming months and years. It has been particularly effective with NOCs less able to support necessary but expensive projects themselves, or acquire the corporate or Government support to do so.

For instance, in 2002 the Project was used to assist the Mongolian National Olympic Committee in constructing their new headquarters, something subsequently seen as a key reason for the NOCs growth in both an administrative and a sporting sense.

In 2008 a financial subsidy was awarded through the project to the Jordan Olympic Committee in order to construct a new swimming pool in Amman.

In 2011, a subsidy of $100,000 (£53,000/$90,000) was awarded to the Bhutan Olympic Committee to put towards a first multi-purpose sports hall in Trashigang, envisaged as a key means by which to give the local population an opportunity to participate.

A head office was also built for the Nepal Olympic Committee through the project in 2012, while this and other Olympasia support was seen as crucial in encouraging the Nepalese Government to better finance the NOC thereafter