BMX freestyle park competitions are due to be held at Tokyo 2020 ©UCI

BMX freestyle park is set to join 3x3 basketball in being approved here tomorrow as a new discipline on the Olympic programme at Tokyo 2020, insidethegames understands.

Both events are expected to take place in a new urban cluster in the Japanese capital along with street and park skateboarding and sport climbing.

3x3 basketball, a fast paced version of the sport in which two teams each target one basket, has long been considered a favourite for addition.

BMX freestyle park is a judged event in which riders perform tricks in a skate park also used for skateboarding.

It was considered a less certain contender, especially as the International Cycling Union (UCI) was also prioritising adding two new track disciplines.

insidethegames was told by an IOC source that a meeting took place here this morning at which BMX park events for men and women were given approval.

They should be approved barring a sudden change of mind overnight or serious opposition during a meeting of the ruling Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

A BMX freestyle park competition taking place at the X Games ©Getty Images
A BMX freestyle park competition taking place at the X Games ©Getty Images

Male and female madison events will also be added to take the total number of track cycling medal events to 12.

Mass start and time road events will also take place, along with BMX races and cross-country mountain biking.

Quotas are expected to be taken from these latter three events to make way for the two new BMX Freestyle competitions.

But the total number of athletes competing in cycling events is expected to remain unchanged.

If confirmed, this will be a major victory for the UCI. 

It is possible the decision is partly compensation for the world governing body reluctantly accepting an IOC and Tokyo 2020 proposal to move the velodrome to Izu, nearly 150 kilometres outside the Japanese capital city. 

Many other sports are set to have their athlete quotas cut to avoid the IOC exceeding a total of 10,550 athletes at the Olympics.

A total of 11,237 athletes competed at Rio 2016.

3x3 basketball is a very likely new discipline for Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images
3x3 basketball is a very likely new discipline for Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images

Other proposed new disciplines, including high diving in aquatics and parkour as a new gymnastics event, are expected to be unsuccessful.

Most other new events proposed are expected to involve mixed team competitions.

A mixed relay in triathlon is one heavily favoured proposal.

Swimming and modern pentathlon are also proposing mixed relays.

Table tennis are chasing mixed doubles and archery, judo and taekwondo are seeking mixed team events.

Other world governing bodies are removing existing events from the programme to make way for new female ones.

Canoeing have dropped the C2 slalom and two sprint events to make way for the first three female Olympic C-class divisions.

Rowing are scrapping the lightweight men’s four for an open-weight women’s events while shooting are replacing the men's 50 metre rifle prone, 50m pistol and double trap with three mixed team competitions.

The latter proposal is proving especially contentious and the International Shooting Sport Federation have called an Extraordinary General Assembly for further discussions in Munich on June 25.

It is likely, however, that the IOC will approve the ISSF changes for the time being.

Boxing and weightlifting are also proposing additional weight categories, but without affecting the number of athletes taking part.

All the submissions have been proposed by the IOC Programme Commission and will now be considered and rubber-stamped by the IOC Executive Board here tomorrow.