FIAS has amended a series of sambo rules ©FIAS

The International Sambo Federation (FIAS) has amended competition rules at the organisation's latest Executive Committee meeting.

The FIAS Executive Committee updated laws on warnings in combat events, with several penalties cancelled.

This includes warnings for intentional grip of the jacket flaps, belt ends, sambo collar or lacing, and the opponent's jacket sleeves from the inside.

The amendment comes into immediate effect.

New uniform regulations were also approved, which will officially come into force from January 1 in 2024.

The regulations will allow for a new design of shorts to be created, which will allow for throws with a grip of the shorts.

Beach sambo competitions will be among the events where athletes will wear shorts.

The FIAS also outlined differences between cadet and youth sambo competitions, compared to senior level events.

Additions included protective equipment, such as gloves with a large volume and filling.

Uniform rules and warnings were among the amendments made by FIAS ©FIAS
Uniform rules and warnings were among the amendments made by FIAS ©FIAS

The FIAS said a knockdown in combat sambo is equivalent to a knock-out, meaning a total victory in the contest.

Elbow and head strikes, knee strikes to the head, punches and kicks to the head in the ground position, a lever and a hip knot, a crushing of the calf muscle through the attacker's shin, and reverse shoulder knot with a leg, have been classed as prohibited actions.

The governing body added that chokeholds and painful holds during bouts are only permitted when the defender is in a ground position, while the attacker may be in a standing position.

A chokehold and painful hold on the leg must be stopped as soon as the defender goes into a standing position.

A painful hold on the arm must be stopped as soon as both athletes are in a standing position.

The FIAS said bouts will be timed at four minutes.