Greece's Minister of Sports Lefteris Augenakis, right, visited the Hellenic Federation of Sambo exhibition ©FIAS

The Hellenic Federation of Sambo participated in the inaugural "National Plan for the Athletics" Congress, an event which aims to develop several sports in Greece, between April 8 and 10.

Merabi Iliadis, the President of the Hellenic Federation of Sambo, was one of the several National Federation (NF) leaders, professional athletes and representatives of the Greek regions who presented their thoughts on the topic.

Iliadis detailed the challenges his federation has faced, as well as sambo’s successes, with the sport’s Olympic hopes being one such area of discussion.

Athletes representing the NF also demonstrated to the audience sambo skills, such as throws, to show its charm.

The "National Plan for the Athletics" Congress aims to develop sport in Greece ©FIAS

The Greek governing body later put up an exhibition to further promote sambo by allowing people to watch clips of competitions, view photos, and survey sportswear.

Several key sporting officials in Greece viewed their observed their exhibition.

According to the NF, Lefteris Augenakis, Minister of Sports in Greece, and Spiros Kapralos, the President of the Greek NOC and the European Olympic Committees, were among those to visit.

Georgios Mavrotas, Secretary General for Sports of the Greek Government, and Elena Rapti, a Member of the Greek Parliament, also viewed the exhibition.