Indian Olympic Association President Narinder Batra has warned the development will hinder athlete's preparations for Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President Narinder Batra has warned that the withdrawal of Government recognition for all national sport federations (NSFs) may seriously impede India's preparations for Tokyo 2020.

A Delhi High Court ruled this week that the Sports Ministry must de-recognise 54 NSFs.

NSFs are recognised annually to make them eligible for Government funding and assistance in organising training and competition.

Per The Indian Express, provisional recognition had been extended until September after the recognition process, which began in January, took longer than anticipated and then ran into further complications because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

"We are looking at the implications of it, I don’t know whether the [training] camps can start or not," Batra was quoted as saying by ANI in response to the ruling.

"How will the Government fund [this] and this is the decision regarding NSFs, what has been banned in court and what permission has to be taken from court? 

"And if day-to-day permission is required then we have a serious problem and I don’t think we should then look for any medal in 2021 Olympics because no preparation can happen."

Batra went on to suggest athletes could compete under an IOA flag rather than the Indian one at Tokyo 2020 if recognition is not swiftly granted.

Calling the situation "a complete mess", Batra warned that "if such things will continue for a bit longer period then do not look for double-figured medals".

Lawyer and sports activist Rahul Mehra petitioned the court over the matter.

Mehra told The Indian Express that he had concerns the IOA was attempting to have recognition withdrawn for many sports "and simultaneously create parallel bodies" in conjuncture with the Sport Ministry.

This was being done "to create a suitable vote bank", Mehra calculates.

The order imposed by the High Court stipulates that the IOA and Sports Ministry should inform it of decisions they make in regard to NSFs.

As the court was not informed of the extension of provisional recognition, this has been revoked.

The Indian Golf Union, School Games Federations of India and Rowing Federation of India remain suspended. 

India claimed just two medals at Rio 2016, having won six at London 2012, but Batra has previously stated a double-digit tally is the aim for Tokyo.