Narinder Batra has been cleared of wrongdoing by the IOC and the FIH ©Narinder Batra/Facebook

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) vice-president Sudhanshu Mittal has criticised the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Hockey Federation (FIH) for refusing to take action against Narinder Batra.

Mittal has launched a concerted campaign to have Batra removed from his roles as President of the IOA and FIH in recent weeks after claiming his ascent to the top job at the two organisations was illegitimate.

The senior IOA official is continuing with his efforts despite the IOC Ethics Commission and the FIH Integrity Unit dismissing his allegations against Batra, who has denied any wrongdoing.

Mittal alleges neither the IOC nor the FIH has taken his complaints further owing to their partnerships with India, which is due to host the 2021 IOC Session and has a close commercial relationship with the worldwide hockey body.

In a letter to IOC Ethics Commission chairman Ban Ki-moon, seen by insidethegames, Mittal claims the decision not to take action against Batra - an IOC member by virtue of his IOA Presidency - represented a conflict of interest.

"I strongly denunciate the quick dismissal of the complaint," Mittal wrote.

"A rushed and tweaked response by staff without referring the complaint to the Ethics Commission, when the concerned is a member of the IOC by virtue of his role in a National Olympic Committee, that is due to host the Session of the IOC, has conflict of interest marred all over it.

"It took time for me to respond because this single reply exposed the lack of consistency in the principles of good governance, which has a far reaching impact on our National Olympic Committee over the last decade, and for many other sporting organisations in the future."

Mittal has also accused FIH chief executive Thierry Weil of "selling the soul of the sport for personal gains of an individual."

In a letter to Weil, also seen by insidethegames, the IOA vice-president claims the FIH has turned a blind eye to the allegations against Batra.

The IOA vice-president has written to both the IOC and the FIH ©ITG
The IOA vice-president has written to both the IOC and the FIH ©ITG

"Out of the three sponsors of the International Hockey Federation, two are Indian," Mittal writes.

"Of the two, one of them is also the sponsor of Hockey India, so Hockey India is also a source of funding for the FIH.

"India is also the host of the World Cup and other international events in the coming years. 

"Hence the reservation on taking up a complaint in accordance with the statutes is because the FIH is heavily dependent and reliant on India/ Hockey India.

"Justice for the sport of hockey should prevail over money. 

"The governance of the International Hockey Federation has a glorious past. 

"These recent incidents will go down in the history of the sport of hockey as the darkest episode where you sold the soul of the sport for personal gains of an individual. 

"With every failed attempt to rationalise and justify the complaint against the President of the FIH, you are falling into a deep pit."

Mittal had claimed that Batra breached FIH statutes when elected President of the global body in November 2016 as he was still the head of Hockey India.

Batra insisted Mittal had referenced a later edition of the FIH statutes and there was nothing in the regulations when he was voted in as President that prevented him from holding the role with Hockey India - a stance the FIH Integrity Unit agreed with.

Batra's current term as President of the FIH has been extended until May 2021 because the governing body was forced to postpone its Congress due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When contacted by insidethegames, the FIH referred to a statement from Integrity Unit chairman Gordon Snell last week.

The FIH Integrity Unit "decided that it will not be taking any action regarding FIH President Dr Batra in relation to this matter on the basis that the matter is not sustained".

"Indeed, according to the FIH Statutes at the time, there was no requirement for Dr Batra to change his relationship with Hockey India after his election as FIH President in November 2016. 

"He therefore committed no breach of the procedure or the FIH Statutes."

The IOC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.