Ottobock will continue their relationship with the Paralympic Game at Tokyo 2020 ©Getty Images

Ottobock has been announced as an official supporter of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics with the company set to provide technical services to athletes at the Games.

The German company develops medical technology products and treatment concepts for people with limited mobility.

The includes prosthetics, wheelchairs and rehabilitation devices, as well as providing medical care.

Founded in 1919, the Ottobock has subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and have over 7,000 staff.

The agreement with Tokyo 2020 extends their relationship with the Paralympic Games, having provided technical expertise since Seoul 1988.

Tokyo 2020 will mark the 16th Paralympic Games which they have helped athletes.

“The enthusiasm of the Japanese people for Paralympic sport is enormous and I am looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games with a passion that will be felt not only in Japan but by audiences worldwide,” said Prof. Hans Georg Näder, President of Ottobock.

“Ottobock has a long history in Asia, with a strong commitment to its people and the growth of the region.

“In 1999, we introduced prosthetic and orthotic care and have pioneered its development ever since.

“Our Paralympic engagement is part of the company DNA and becoming the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic official supporter is a natural progression of our commitment to both the region and Paralympic sport.”

Ottobock are set to repair both sports and everyday devices during the Games ©Getty Images
Ottobock are set to repair both sports and everyday devices during the Games ©Getty Images

Ottobock have been given the sponsorship category “Therapeutical medical devices, rehabilitation and mobility healthcare products and exoskeleton”.

They are part of the third tier of the domestic sponsorship programme, with their support now taking Tokyo 2020 to 63 Paralympic partners.

Ottobock are set to repair both sports and everyday devices during the Games as part of their agreement with Tokyo 2020.

It is claimed this will allow athletes to concentrate fully on their competitions and perform to the best of their ability.

A 100-strong international team of experienced professionals will provide the free support to all the athletes.

It is anticipated that around 2,000 repairs, utilising 18 metric tonnes of equipment and machinery, as well as 15,000 spare parts, will take place during the Games.

“We are delighted to have Ottobock, offering the latest products in the field of medical technology, as a Tokyo 2020 Paralympic official supporter,” said Yoshiro Mori, Tokyo 2020 President.

“Ottobock has helped athletes at previous Games perform at their best through their support and their servicing of prosthetic components.

“With their help, we will prepare the best possible Games environment where para-athletes can focus on their performance.”

 The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are due to take place from August 25 to September 6 in 2020.