Curling Jamaica is the latest member association to join the WCF ©Getty Images

Curling Jamaica has become the 67th member of the World Curling Federation (WCF), with the organisation granted conditional membership.

Jamaica joins World Curling's Americas zone.

Once confirmed as a provisional member by the rest of the World Curling membership, Jamaica will be able to send athletes to international competitions including the new Pan Continental Curling Championships.

Calgary in Canada is due to stage the first edition of that event from October 30 to November 5, with places at the full World Championships on offer.

"For many years, I have envisioned the day that a Jamaican curling team would step onto the ice and represent Jamaica on the world stage," Ben Kong, the President of Curling Jamaica, said.

"That day will now become reality, and I thank the World Curling Federation, the Jamaica Olympic Association, and all of our members and supporters who helped to make this a reality."

The WCF's membership has grown to 67 with the conditional addition of Jamaica ©Getty Images
The WCF's membership has grown to 67 with the conditional addition of Jamaica ©Getty Images

Kong added, "I cannot wait to begin our on-ice preparations, grow the sport of curling in Jamaica, and watch Jamaica make its debut at a World Curling Championship."

Jamaica joins WCF members from the Americas including Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States and the US Virgin Islands.

WCF President Kate Caithness remarked that Jamaica's conditional membership "is an exciting milestone for the sport" as national bodies continue to grow "in non-traditional curling nations".

Curling Jamaica has 18 member organisations as is using FloorCurling to grow the sport, but has outlined an ambition to build an ice rink in the future