Multiple residential areas have targeted by shelling and airstrikes since the Russian invasion began, leading to the killing of national junior champion Artem Pryimenko ©Getty Images

A Ukrainian national junior sambo champion was among dozens of people killed in Russian bombing of Sumy leading to the Sambo Federation of Ukraine (NFSU) calling for Russia and Belarus to face increased sanctions from the International Sambo Federation (FIAS). 

Artem Pryimenko, 16, was killed along with his father, mother, grandmother and two brothers during an airstrike carried out on Sumy, according to one of his former sambo coaches.

Pryimenko's death has been widely reported by Ukrainian media, as well as the NFSU.

North-eastern city Sumy has been the scene of particularly violent fighting, with some areas decimated by shelling and Russian forces also carrying out airstrikes.

Sumy Governor Dmytro Zhyvytskyi reported that 22 people were killed on the night of Monday and Tuesday (March 7 and 8), with junior sambo champion Pryimenko among them.

An estimated 5,000 people were able to evacuate from the area yesterday.

Hundreds of civilians have been killed since the invasion of Ukraine began 15 days ago, with the United Nations recording at least 516 deaths but warning the true figure is far higher.

In excess of 2.2 million people have fled the country since the Russian military offensive, which is receiving support from Belarus, began.

The FIAS has suspended all competitions in Russia and Belarus and banned competitors from those countries competing under their national flags.

However, unlike many other International Federations and contrary to International Olympic Committee advice, the FIAS stopped short of banning Russian and Belarusian athletes completely.

The NFSU has claimed this is insufficient, and is calling for further punishment.

NFSU President Vadim Rogach has written to both the FIAS and European Sambo Federation, asking them to expel the Russian and Belarusian national governing bodies and to condemn the war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a former Honorary President of the FIAS.

Sambo originated in Russia and the All-Russian Sambo Federation team won the most medals at last year's World Sambo Championships.

Russian official Vasily Shestakov is the FIAS President, while All-Russian Sambo Federation President Sergey Eliseev also leads the European Sambo Federation.