Version two of the Beijing 2022 playbook has been released ©IOC

Beijing 2022 is to give a third vaccine for COVID-19 to workers involved in the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, it has been revealed in the latest edition of the playbooks, which have been published today. 

The playbooks reveal that all of the Beijing 2022 workforce entering the closed loop bubble system will receive a COVID-19 booster vaccination at least 14 days before starting their role, provided they are eligible according to Chinese immunisation guidelines.

But athletes, officials and journalists attending Beijing 2022 will not be required to have a booster to be admitted to the closed loop. 

"While we strongly encourage Games participants to receive a booster shot, any requirement to have one is according to the requirement of the participant’s country/ region of residence or national health authority where the vaccine was administered," Beijing 2022 write in the playbooks. 

The second version of the have been released to help athletes, team officials and all other participants during their time at the Games, as well as with travel arrangements.

The latest updates provide a host of guidance on vaccinations, customs entry requirements, flight booking, pre-departure testing, the pre-Games period, the closed-loop system, accommodation, transport, food and beverage, screening testing, health monitoring, close contact management, and the period between the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

A "key points to remember" section is also included to help guide stakeholders through each stage of their Games experience.

The "key points to remember" section summarises the essential information in the updated Beijing 2022 playbooks ©IOC

It informs stakeholders on what they should expect before they travel, when entering China, during the Games and leaving the country in regards to travel documents, the closed loop system, vaccination, the "My 2022" health monitoring application, COVID-19 testing, the Green Health QR Code and quarantine.

Chinese authorities require two sets of QR codes to be granted entry into the country.

The Green Health QR code requires users to upload proof of two negative Polymerase chain reaction - PCR - tests taken within 96 hours of departure.

The Customs Health Declaration QR Code then asks people to complete an online health declaration form a maximum of 24 hours before departure to China. 

"Together with the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and Beijing 2022, we have worked closely with the world's leading experts in health and sports event delivery to finalise and put in place the necessary COVID-19 countermeasures that will enable the Games to take place safely and successfully," said International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Games executive director Christophe Dubi.

"By creating a secure environment, this will provide a unique Games-time experience, designed to help athletes fully focus on the fundamentals of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games - sports competition. 

"This guides all our planning and will ensure that the attention remains on the outstanding performances we can expect from the world’s best winter athletes in Beijing next year."

The playbooks feature comprehensive guidance on how to minimise the spread of COVID-19 ©IOC
The playbooks feature comprehensive guidance on how to minimise the spread of COVID-19 ©IOC

In addition to the key principles outlined in the first edition, the second includes information requested directly by stakeholders and from feedback received during various briefings held since the initial release in October.

Organisers say that this approach has been adopted to provide transparency by ensuring all participants understand what is expected of them as they have been involved in the development process.

"The second version of the Beijing 2022 playbooks is a result of the continued close partnership and collaboration established between the IOC, Beijing 2022 and the IPC," said the IIPC's chief Paralympic Games delivery officer Colleen Wrenn.

"With the experience gained in the delivery of major events around the world and the input of medical experts, we are confident the measures outlined in the playbooks will allow participants to take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games while protecting their health. 

"Crucially, also, the playbooks are designed to safeguard the health of all participants and the people of China."

The IOC promised that further policies and briefings will continue to be provided over the coming weeks.

"Acknowledging the continually evolving global health situation, any additional, necessary countermeasures will be implemented right up to and during Games time, to ensure the safety of all the participants and the local population," an IOC report read.

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