FIAS President Vasily Shestakov spoke at the International Congress on Sport, People and Health ©FIAS

International Sambo Federation (FIAS) President Vasily Shestakov claims the work of the 10th International Congress on Sport, People and Health can make a "serious contribution to the Olympic Movement".

Shestakov, who is also chairman of the International Public Organization for the Promotion of Science and Sports, addressed participants with a welcome speech at the meeting.

There were also speeches from Vladimir Taymazov, the President of the National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health in Russian city St Petersburg, and university rector Sergey Petrov, as well as prominent scientists and public figures.

A total of 25 representatives from countries took part in the work of the forum, which featured 11 plenary reports and 135 section presentations.

On the second day of the Congress, the reports of the eight scientific sections were heard.

Section one was entitled "Prospects for the strengthening and development of the international Olympic Movement, Paralympic, Deaflympic sports and the global movement Sport for All in the international sports movement".

Other sections included "Psychological support of modern sports and unstructured moderate-intense physical activity" and "Legal regulation of safety in sports".

Eight scientific sections were heard at the  International Congress on Sport, People and Health ©FIAS
Eight scientific sections were heard at the International Congress on Sport, People and Health ©FIAS

The three-day Congress ended yesterday with a plenary session where a final report of the moderators of the scientific sections was heard and a resolution was adopted.

Following the results of the Congress, there are plans to publish an electronic collection of materials, which will include articles by the forum participants.

"The main scientific direction of the Congress is the prospects for strengthening and developing the Olympic Movement," said Shestakov.

"This topic is the best fit with the organisation that I have the honour to represent.

"This year, the International Sambo Federation has received full recognition from the International Olympic Committee.

"We strive in our activities to strengthen partnerships with various organisations, implementing in practice the new Olympic motto 'Faster! Higher! Stronger! Together!'.

"An example of such cooperation is the creation of national branches of the organisation 'Sport, People, Health' in various countries.

"I am confident that the results of the work of the Congress will serve as a serious contribution to the Olympic Movement."