Vasily Shestakov has celebrated the growth of the sport on International Sambo Day ©FIAS

President of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS), Vasily Shestakov, has marked International Sambo Day by celebrating the growth of the sport.

The governing body was founded in 1984 and was awarded full recognition from the International Olympic Committee in July.

"I congratulate sambists all over the world, all lovers of combat sports and martial arts on the International Sambo Day!" said Shestakov

"This year FIAS received full recognition from the International Olympic Committee, and today we celebrate this Day for the first time as full members of the Olympic movement.

"Currently, our sport is actively developing on five continents in 130 countries and continues to move around the world by leaps and bounds, conquering the hearts of people in all corners of the globe.

"After all, SAMBO is not only an effective and spectacular single combat, which combines numerous sports, but also a system of upbringing moral and volitional qualities, the formation of character and strengthening of fortitude.

"Today SAMBO is one big family, which is getting bigger and stronger every year.

"We are rivals only on the mat, behind the mat we are friends!

"Happy SAMBO birthday, dear friends!"

International Sambo Day is taking place two days after the culmination of the FIAS World Sambo Championships.

The All-Russian Sambo Federation lived up to its pre-tournament favourite tag by securing eight gold, six silver and four bronze medals to finish atop the overall medal table.

Uzbekistan's three gold, four silver and three bronze medals saw the country claim second position, while Belarus rounded out the top three with three gold and five bronzes.