Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto has said she wants to help boost support for the Games ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto has attempted to reassure the Japanese public regarding the safety of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Hashimoto, who was named Tokyo 2020 President last month, will reportedly hold weekly press briefings in the build-up to the Games to address preparations.

The rescheduled Olympic and Paralympic Games remains in doubt amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Organisers have faced questions over public support with a Kyodo News survey in January finding that around 80 per cent of Japanese people want this year's Games to be cancelled or postponed again.

Hashimoto said she wanted to address the concerns the public have over the Games and wants to restore public enthusiasm for the event.

"I understand there are a lot of people in Tokyo and in Japan who have concerns about the Games in Tokyo this summer," Hashimoto said.

"I'd like to share my thoughts and alleviate some of those concerns.

"The people's passion was there.

"We want to bring back this feeling, so that we can turn their concerns into excitement and expectations for the Summer Games.

"That requires us to do a good job on safety and security.

"We will do whatever it takes."

Tokyo 2020 is to decide on the attendance of international spectators at the Olympic and Paralympic Games by the end of March.

Hashimoto said organisers wanted to welcome a global audience, but acknowledged healthcare conditions may not allow this to happen.

International spectators appear unlikely to be able to attend the Games ©Getty Images
International spectators appear unlikely to be able to attend the Games ©Getty Images

Hashimoto has voiced a personal preference for the call to be made by March 25, before the start of the Torch Relay.

The capacity of each venue will then be decided on by the end of April.

Around 4.48 million tickets for the Olympics have already been sold as well as 970,000 for the Paralympics, through the official ticketing website and various lotteries.

Tickets will be valid for 2021, with only 810,000 Japanese ticketholders for the Olympics requesting refunds in December.

Sales of tickets were forecast to provide ¥90 billion (£602 million/$842 million/€696 million) in revenue.

Hashimoto said she would also welcome back volunteers, with around 1,000 having resigned last month following comments made by her predecessor Yoshirō Mori.

Mori, 83, resigned after widespread criticism of remarks he made at a meeting of the Japanese Olympic Committee, when he claimed that women talked too much.

This has led to 12 women being appointed to the Tokyo 2020 Executive Board, as well as former Olympics Minister Hashimoto becoming Tokyo 2020 President.

Tokyo 2020 was delayed by 12 months because of the coronavirus pandemic, with the Olympics scheduled to take place from July 23 to August 8.

The Paralympics are set to follow from August 24 to September 5.