The new updated Beijing 2022 Paralympics logo ©Beijing 2022

The emblem for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games has been updated to reflect the Paralympic logo which was given a makeover in October.

After consultation with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Beijing 2022 redrew and re-coloured its Paralympics "Flying High" emblem, to keep it in line with the refreshed Paralympic symbol known as the Agitos.

The words "Paralympic Games" were also removed from the original design.

Lin Cunzhen, the designer of the Beijing 2022 emblems who works for the culture and ceremonies department of the Organising Committee, said the removal of the two words creates consistency with the Olympic Games, which rarely uses its title in its emblems.

"With brighter colour and more dynamic shapes, the new emblem now looks more vigorous," said Lin to Xinhua.

"The two words were first added to the emblem to make sure people understand it represents the Paralympic Games.

"The IPC was concerned whether Chinese people knew its meaning if they were removed."

After a survey was conducted, organisers finally convinced the IPC to make the change – with more than 90 per cent of those questioned able to tell it was the Winter Paralympics without the words underneath.

On the right, the former Beijing 2022 Paralympics emblem ©Beijing 2022
On the right, the former Beijing 2022 Paralympics emblem ©Beijing 2022

"It has been nearly 20 years since Beijing won the bid for the 2008 Games," said Lin.

"Chinese people have developed a deep understanding about the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Winter Games over these two decades.

"After removing the two words, the emblem becomes simpler, which makes it more applicable on designs including apparel and licensed products."

According to Lin, the IPC allowed a transition period of four years to implement the Agitos logo, meaning it will be mandatory as of Paris 2024.

No "Paralympic Games" wording appears on the emblem for Paris 2024 or the new Los Angeles 2028 logo.

The IPC updated the Agitos in October, with subtle changes bringing it into line with the Olympic Rings.

All three of the logo's shapes are now the same size and they have been slightly repositioned so they are more symmetrically aligned.

The blue, red and green now match the Olympic Rings after being lightened.