The IESF has added five new members ©Getty Images

Five further national bodies have joined the International Esports Federation (IESF), taking the organisation's membership total to 71.

Organisations from Ireland, Norway, Uzbekistan, Argentina and Guatemala have become IESF members.

The Asociación de Deportes Electronicos y Videojuegos de Argentina will represent the South American nation, while the Asociación de Mini Football y Footgolf de Guatemala (ASOFUM) branches out in acquiring IESF membership.

ASOFUM described the move as "a big step for ASOFUM and a big step for the gamer world in our country".

The Norwegian Esport Federation and the Esports and Gaming Federation of Ireland are the two new European members.

Aziz Pattakhov is President of the Uzbekistan Esports Federation ©AESF
Aziz Pattakhov is President of the Uzbekistan Esports Federation ©AESF

The Uzbekistan Esports Federation, established in 2016, joins the IESF at the same time it joins the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF).

The IESF and AESF reached an agreement on a "collaborative relationship to promote and advance esports globally as well as across the Asian continent" earlier this year.

Seventy-one nations are now listed as IESF members, while the AESF website displays 45.

The IESF is the oldest governing body claiming to have responsibility for esports.

It is led by Vlad Marinescu, who succeeded Colin Webster as President in May.