John Petersson has once again reiterated his ambition to bring more collaboration between the IPC and IOC ©John Petersson

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Presidential candidate John Petersson has reiterated his ambition to bring about more collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Federations.

The Dane, locked in a four-horse race for the IPC's top job with Brazil's Andrew Parsons, Canada's Patrick Jarvis and China's Zhang Haidi, believes that this would ensure "a stronger Paralympic Movement".

Relations between the IPC and the IOC have been strained since the two organisations opted to take a different courses of action regarding Russian doping.

The IPC banned the country completely from last year's Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, after the IOC had opted to defer decisions on participation to the respective International Federations.

The Russian Paralympic Committee remain suspended from the IPC.

Outgoing IPC President Sir Philip Craven warned in May that it would be "very unlikely" for Russia to compete at the Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang next year if the suspension was not lifted by the IPC Governing Board meeting in September.

"The partnership between the IPC and the IOC has been very important to our development," Petersson said in a statement today.

"Great strides have been made from the time I competed in the Paralympic Games, swimming in short course competitions in a long course pool, in a different city from the Olympic host city.

"Now, thanks to our collaboration with the IOC, our athletes compete in the best facilities.

"Ensuring a more mutually beneficial partnership with the Olympic Movement, whilst retaining a strong Paralympic voice, is crucial to continue our development.

"It is time for a fresh start, and as your President one of my first priorities would be establishing a stronger working relationship between the IPC and IOC.

"I believe that more collaboration with the IOC and IFs is crucial and, as President, I would offer the leadership that is required to rebuild these relations for the benefit of all of our athletes, sports and member organisations."

John Petersson won 15 Paralympic medals during his swimming career ©Getty Images
John Petersson won 15 Paralympic medals during his swimming career ©Getty Images

A 15-time Paralympic swimming medallist and six-time champion, Petersson is also an active accountant and former executive director at Ernst & Young in Copenhagen. 

The former European Paralympic Committee President is also standing for the IPC vice-president position. 

Parsons, the current IPC vice-president, is generally seen as the front-runner.

Petersson plans to serve as President on a full-time basis and has listed improving sponsorship revenue and introducing more international youth competitions among his other priorities.

He has also outlined plans to bring the summer and winter international Federations closer together as a means to boost all sports moving forward.

"I believe it is crucial to foster a stronger collaboration with the international summer and winter federations," Petersson added.

"In line with the direction that has been set in 2007, now we need to progress with the independent governance or mainstreaming of Para-sports that are still under the umbrella of the IPC.

"This will create a platform for strong growth of all of our sports and a more focused and powerful IPC."

The election is due to be held at the IPC General Assembly in Abu Dhabi on September 8.