Los Angeles 2024 have released a projected image of their swimming venue ©LA2024/Flickr

Projected images of a modernised Memorial Coliseum, which would host the athletics, and a temporary aquatics facility at Dedeaux Field have been released today by Los Angeles as they seek to boost excitement levels for their 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic bid.

Both venues "demonstrate LA 2024’s commitment to delivering world-class sports facilities with minimal cost and construction", an accompanying statement proclaimed.

They would also provide "a legendary experience for athletes on the world’s greatest stage", it is claimed.

The striking images show both venues illuminated with the Los Angeles 2024 logo.

Both the Coliseum and the aquatics venue are within a proposed Downtown Cluster.

The LA Memorial Coliseum was also the venue for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and athletics competitions at both the 1932 and 1984 Olympics.

It also hosted the NFL’s first Super Bowl and is the current home of the University of Southern California (UFC) Trojans American football team and the LA Rams, but is due to undergo extensive rennovation work beginning in 2018.

A projection of the Los Angeles 2024 athletics venue has also been released ©LA2024/Flickr
A projection of the Los Angeles 2024 athletics venue has also been released ©LA2024/Flickr

The "latest in high-tech temporary stadium construction and sports entertainment" will be used to transform USC’s Dedeaux Field - home of the University’s baseball team - into an "elite, purpose-built open-air swimming venue", the statement added.

An adjacent training venue will also consist of two pools at USC's Uytengsu Aquatics Center, site of the 1984 Olympic swimming competitions.

“Our goal with all of our venue choices has been first and foremost to deliver an excellent field of play and the perfect conditions for the athletic performances of a lifetime," said Los Angeles 2024 chairman Casey Wasserman.

"After that, we have tried to create an interesting blend of ultra-modern venues and upgraded iconic sites. 

"We are extremely grateful for the feedback we have received from all of the international sports federations. 

"Their insight has been invaluable in helping us optimise our venue configuration, and every adjustment we have made has been a significant upgrade. 

"LA 2024 is now better placed than ever to deliver the ultimate personalised experience for athletes and every stakeholder of the Olympic Family.”

Los Angeles' state-of-the-art yet affordable venues is a key part of their appeal as they challenge Budapest, Paris and Rome in a four-horse race to host the Games, they claim.

A final decision is due to made at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Lima on September 13 next year.