The mother of RFEF President Luis Rubiales has gone on hunger strike in protest at what she claims is a "witch-hunt" against her son ©Getty Images

The mother of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales has gone on hunger strike in a Spanish church in protest at the "witch-hunt" against her son.

Rubiales has been suspended by FIFA and is being widely condemned around the world for kissing Jennifer Hermoso during the post-match presentation ceremony following the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final between Spain and England in Sydney on August 20.

Spain's National Prosecutor's Office has opened a preliminary sex abuse investigation into the incident, because it believes "the sexual act was not consented." 

Hermoso claimed following the incident she believed she was "a victim of aggression", while Rubiales claimed the "kiss" was "spontaneous, mutual and consented."

However Luis Rubiales mum Angeles Bejar has started a hunger strike today, locking herself in the Divina Pastora Church in Motril in protest at the treatment her son is receiving.

"They’re doing to my son something he doesn’t deserve," Bejar told Spanish media.

"There’s no sexual aggression because there was consent by both parties.

"My son is incapable of harming anyone.

"As a mother I ask everyone for their understanding as this is a situation that could affect anyone."

Members of Rubiales family have urged Jennifer Hermoso to
Members of Rubiales family have urged Jennifer Hermoso to "tell the truth" about events during the post-match presentation at the FIFA Women's World Cup Final ©Getty Images

Speaking outside the church Rubiales cousin Vanessa Ruiz Bejar added: "There’s a campaign of harassment occurring that is very unfair.

"Luis’ mum who is a very religious person has sought refuge in God and started a hunger strike.

"She doesn’t want to come out of the church. We are all suffering a lot because of what’s happened to Luis which doesn’t seem at all fair to us.

"He’s been condemned already without being tried. It’s not normal. We want to be left alone. The facts speak for them, there are videos, there are audio recordings."

Bejar also called on Hermoso to "tell the truth", asking "why has she changed her version [of events] three times."

The controversy has overshadowed Spain’s women winning the tournament for the first time in their history and led to the RFEF calling an extraordinary and urgent meeting today.

RFEF Interim President Pedro Rocha called the meeting to "evaluate the situation in which the federation finds itself" and "look at the decisions and actions to be taken."

Spain's Sports Tribunal is due to discuss a Government request to suspend Rubiales at a meeting today. 

The RFEF confirmed on Saturday (August 26) that it had activated its sexual violence protection protocol, with the protocol’s protection delegate María Dolores Martínez Madrona saying: "Our protocol is activated and in the process of investigating the facts, for which we demand the utmost respect for the right to privacy and dignity of every person involved."

Spain’s women’s football team have said they will not play again until Rubiales resigns, while 11 members of the coaching team have also stepped down from their posts.