Australian Taekwondo's virtual training centre will aim to better develop athletes in Australia ©World Taekwondo

Australian Taekwondo has launched its first virtual Centre of Excellence, allowing athletes from across the country to has access to educational courses and showcase taekwondo online.

There is also a focus on those in rural areas who struggle to use in-person high-performance facilities.

It was designed, developed and built by leading virtual reality experts XVenture.

The Australian Sports Commission's participation grant programme enabled funding for this project.

"Australian Taekwondo is showcasing the future of education and global sports training with the creation of our virtual Centre of Excellence," said Taekwondo Australia chief executive Heather Garriock.

"Users can access our 360-degree fully immersive Centre to build their skills anywhere and anytime. 

"The quality of the content is superb and we are immensely proud that we can offer this level of expertise to anyone interested in taekwondo and mind and body wellness who cannot access a traditional centre or class environment."

The Centre of Excellence also provides guidance on technique, fitness and remote training tips, motivational support to keep users on track and case studies of success.

TKD10 is one of the new programmes at the Centre, given players a 10-lesson introduction to taekwondo and practical lessons.

Next year, this course is also due to be be available in Vietnamese, Arabic and Korean.

Australian Olympic medallist Lauren Burns is one of the athletes who features in already-existing content on the site.