Sacked CNOSF secretary general Didier Séminet has claimed that he has been "publicly denigrated" and "defamed" by President Brigitte Henriques ©Didier Séminet

Former French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) secretary general Didier Séminet has filed a complaint for "slanderous denunciation" and "breach of trust" against President Brigitte Henriques, plunging the organisation into further turmoil before the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Séminet’s complaint has been issued to the Paris Public Prosecutor after claiming that he had been "publicly denigrated" and "defamed" by Henriques.

The ongoing feud between Séminet and Henriques has caused a deepening governance crisis at the CNOSF.

Henriques filed a complaint for "psychological violence" against Séminet in early October after the Frenchman was removed following a secret ballot at an extraordinary meeting of the CNOSF Board of Directors.

However, Séminet has since hit back at Henriques, saying he felt "betrayed" and accused the CNOSF President of causing the crisis at the organisation herself in an exclusive interview with insidethegames last month.

Speaking to French newspaper L’Equipe, Séminet said he was "tired of all this" and felt it was "unfair to be treated like that".

A letter has also been reportedly sent to members of the CNOSF Board of Directors where Séminet voiced his dismay at Henriques’ complaint.

Henriques lodged a complaint for
Henriques lodged a complaint for "psychological violence" against Séminet in early October following his sacking ©Getty Images

"While the President obtained what she wanted, namely my departure, I learned from the press, like almost all of you, that she filed a complaint against me a week after this dismissal meeting accusing me of 'psychological violence'," the letter from Séminet read in a report by L’Equipe.

"I fall from the clouds.

"What is the point of such calumny?

"Here I am catalogued as a stalker in the media with more than 420,000 occurrences on Google associating my name with that of violence.

"The first thought that comes to me is why didn’t she do this before if it was so unbearable?

"Who among you would support such ignominy, being publicly denigrated, defamed and more without having the slightest element of explanation?"

Séminet added that he had "no knowledge of the content of the complaint" from Henriques and confirmed that he had lodged a complaint of his own for "slanderous denunciation" and "breach of trust".

An absolute majority of 45 CNOSF members voted to dismiss Séminet as secretary general on September 12 but he remains a member of the organisation's Board of Directors.

"I still have ideas to contribute and a vision that is mine for the CNOSF," said Séminet.

The CNOSF has been plunged into a governance crisis with less than two years to go until the Paris 2024 Olympics ©Getty Images
The CNOSF has been plunged into a governance crisis with less than two years to go until the Paris 2024 Olympics ©Getty Images

Séminet’s lawyer Didier Lacombe also told L’Equipe that his client had "no reason" to leave from the CNOSF and claimed the dispute with Henriques had been a "disaster for him".

"Light must be shed on the reasons which prompted Brigitte Henriques to throw Didier Séminet to the nettles," said Lacombe.

Henriques has taken sick leave following the dispute with Séminet, admitting it will take her "some time to recharge the batteries".

The former vice-president of the French Football Federation has entrusted CNOSF vice-presidents Jean-Pierre Siutat and Sébastien Poirier, treasurer Michel Caillot and secretary general Astrid Guyart with carrying out her duties while she is away.

Pierre Durand, a 1988 Olympic show jumping champion, has suggested that he could be on hand to take over from Henriques if she decides to leave her position early.

Henriques has previously insisted that she would "never quit" as she looks to lead the CNOSF into Paris 2024.