There are concerns that festivals coinciding with Paris 2024 may have to be cancelled ©Getty Images

Festival organisers have vowed to ensure events take place alongside the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics following concerns that they may have to be cancelled.

French Culture Minister Rima Abdul-Malak raised doubts over the staging of festivals when the Games are held after saying they will be determined on a "case-by-case basis".

Concerns over policing the festivals that coincided with the Games were expressed by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

Abdul-Malak has met with some of the largest French festivals and their union representatives from the likes of Prodiss, Syndeac, and Profedim in a bid to "find the point of balance".

Malika Seguineau, head of Prodiss, stressed her determination to make sure the events go ahead as planned in 2024.

"It was not treated that way at the London Olympics since a festival in Hyde Park was able to be held," said Seguineau in a report by French newspaper Le Parisien.

"That's enough: culture is still the adjustment variable in France in the face of a national situation, as during the health crisis.

French Culture Minister Rima Abdul-Malak has said festivals will be determined on a
French Culture Minister Rima Abdul-Malak has said festivals will be determined on a "case-by-case basis" ©Getty Images

"We will do everything in our power to make the events happen.

"And if they should not stand, we will demand compensation."

Among the events concerned is Les Suds - a music festival staged in southern France in July every year.

Stéphane Krasniewski, director of Les Suds and vice-president in charge of festivals at the Syndicat des Musiques, said he had "mixed feelings" over the approach of the French Government.

"We have a Minister who is facing the situation and is not running away from her responsibilities," said Krasniewski.

"But will her displayed voluntarism be enough to face the pragmatism of the Minister of the Interior?"

The Regional Council of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur has committed €2 million (£1.75 million/$1.98 million) to ensure cultural events take place in 2024, with Paca Region President Renaud Muselier describing them as a "necessity".