The Pan American Sambo Union held its Congress in Costa Rica ©FIAS

South American and Central American Sambo Championships could soon be on the international calendar, following discussions on the matter at the Congress of the Pan American Sambo Union (UPASA) in Costa Rica.

A proposal has been put forward to make these annual competitions and expand the number of events in the region.

The new tournaments would run in addition to the Pan American Sambo Championships.

A regular Pan American Youth and Junior Sambo Championships was also floated as an idea at the Congress, and was supported by "many delegates" according to the UPASA.

Its feasibility is to be studied, as well as whether it should be a separate event from the senior competition or held alongside.

Bolivia was accepted as a temporary member of the Pan American Sambo Union ©FIAS
Bolivia was accepted as a temporary member of the Pan American Sambo Union ©FIAS

With the UPASA recently being admitted to the Association of Pan American Sports Confederations, appropriate commissions were also created to meet requirements of the organisation at the Congress.

To round off the gathering, the Bolivian Sambo Federation was made a temporary member of the UPASA by unanimous decision.

Bolivian Sambo Federation President Cesar Castro noted that the country's development in the sport improved even during the COVID-19 pandemic and this can lead to more growth, it is hoped.

Costa Rica staged this year's Pan American Sambo Championships, as well as the UPASA Congress.