The Egyptian MMA Committee welcomed GAMMA officials in Cairo ©GAMMA

A Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) delegation has visited to Egypt to monitor preparations for the inaugural GAMMA African Championships in Cairo.

Mohamed Ibrahim Abdellatif, the chairman of the Egyptian MMA Committee and President of the African MMA Confederation, and Mahmoud Saeed from Arabian Ultimate Fighting Championship (AUFC) welcomed the delegates.

The two-day trip included visits to the event hotels, the competition venue and the AUFC Academy.

"We can clearly see there are great prospects for MMA in Egypt and for the African Championships," said GAMMA general manager Gino Engelhardt, who led the delegation in Cairo.

"I would like to thank our hosts for the warm welcome and the hospitality we received, and we look forward to returning very soon."

Cairo is due to stage GAMMA's first African Championships ©Getty Images
Cairo is due to stage GAMMA's first African Championships ©Getty Images

Also involved in the visit was Association of African Sports Confederations (UCSA) President Ahmed Nasser, who met with the GAMMA team to discuss ongoing activities for the development of MMA on the continent.

Nasser invited the guests to attend an UCSA Extraordinary Assembly for Confederations online.

As GAMMA seeks to grow its global footprint, plans for its first Pan American Championships in Colombia in 2023 have been announced, in addition to the first African Championships.