GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt, left, welcomed AASC President Ahmed Nasser to the GAMMA World Championships in Amsterdam ©GAMMA

The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA) welcomed Association of African Sports Confederations (AASC) President Ahmed Nasser to its World Championships in Amsterdam to discuss the sport's development in Africa.

Nasser was present at the event in The Netherlands to witness what GAMMA can do for mixed martial arts in the continent.

"Creating a platform to bring MMA to Africa is a huge opportunity across our continent for young men and women," President Nasser said.

"I have been impressed by the enthusiasm and vision of GAMMA and the way the organisation is being led by President Engelhardt.

"It is great to be here to witness this event first-hand.

"The social initiatives that GAMMA is promoting are hugely significant in Africa and I am looking forward to seeing how the sport and the MMA community will develop on our continent."

The Egyptian spoke with GAMMA President Alexander Engelhardt about the multiple social projects being undertaken by the organisation.

In February, GAMMA became the first MMA federation to be recognised in Africa ©GAMMA
In February, GAMMA became the first MMA federation to be recognised in Africa ©GAMMA

This includes the 'green banking' initiative which has already resulted in the planting of 2,437 trees in Madagascar.

Nasser's home country has been named as the provisional host for the GAMMA African Championships set to take place this year, although the exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

"The President of the African confederation is Egyptian, Mr Mohammed Ibrahim, he is doing his best with President Engelhardt and is determined to stage this competition in the continent," Nasser told insidethegames.

"I am sure it is going to be something good because I see how well the second edition of the World Championships has gone.

"I am sure that it would help Africa and help to promote the sport more and more, to help them not only to set up National Federations but also to help with course, coaches, and education.

"So, if we can do that I think it will be really big in Africa."

Other guests also visited the World Championships including senior figures of the Dutch National Olympic Committee and the City of Amsterdam.

GAMMA is continually developing in Africa after becoming the first MMA federation in the world to be recognised in Africa in February.