Kirill Kaprizov has been denied entry to the US on two occasions ©Getty Images

Russian ice hockey player Kirill Kaprizov, who plays for National Hockey League's (NHL) Minnesota Wild, has been denied entry to the United States on two occasions, with reports suggesting he has been detained for falsifying identification in a bid to avoid fighting in the war in Ukraine.

Kaprizov attempted to enter the US via a flight from Dubai, but was not allowed entry.

The same was done again through an unspecified Caribbean island and he was again denied, according to Michael Russo from The Athletic.

The winger returned to Russia as a result.

"He couldn't clear into the US, though, perhaps because he doesn't currently have a work visa despite signing a five-year contract last September," said Russo.

Kaprizov flew indirectly to the US due to Russia banning American flights in its air space and flights between the countries being cancelled due to sanctions stemming from the invasion of Ukraine.

Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin said he was attempting to find out more about his player's status since Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ivan Fedotov was detained for allegedly using fraudulent military identification to avoid being drafted to fight in Ukraine.

Ivan Fedotov is believed to still be detained on accusations of draft dodging ©Getty Images
Ivan Fedotov is believed to still be detained on accusations of draft dodging ©Getty Images

Fedotov was said to have been arrested prior to a move to the US.

Kaprizov was also accused on buying fraudulent military identification in 2017, an allegation that his father denies, stating his son was able to avoid conflict as a student.

However, this student permit expired on June 30, according to Russo.

"It's a scary situation in our world," said Minnesota Wild head coach Dean Evason.

"To see somebody as close as we know Kirill, yeah, it's a scary situation and we hope that it all gets sorted out correctly."

Kaprizov is regarded as a key part of the Minnesota Wild team, as well as the Olympic Athletes from Russia squad that took gold at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.