The WBSC Europe Executive Board met in Pully for the first time since being elected ©WBSC

The new World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Europe Executive Board met for the first time since being elected February to approve a commission structure hoped to "take European baseball and softball into a new era."

WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari welcomed the WBSC Europe Board to the WBSC headquarters in Pully in Switzerland for the meeting.

WBSC Europe baseball vice-president Petr Ditrich was approved to chair the organisation's Baseball Commission, which consists of six other members.

He will supported by Ukraine's Oleg Boyko, Frantisek Bunta of Slovakia, Darja Grimšic of Slovenia, France's Stephen Lesfargues, Marco Riccardo Mannucci of Italy and Spaniard Jorge Miqueleiz Cortés.

Gabriel Waage, the Czech who is WBSC Europe softball vice-president, will chair the Softball Commission.

Italy's Daniela Castellani, Conny Chwojka of Austria, Croatian Petra Čizmić Pokrajac, Mike Jennings of Britain, Georgia's Sophie Khidasheli and Kostis Liarommatis of Greece make up the rest of the panel.

The WBSC Europe Executive Board also approved WBSC Europe President Karin Kruno to fill the role of WBSC Baseball Division Board continental vice-president for Europe.

Waage was already the WBSC Softball Division Board continental vice-president for Europe.

WBSC head Fraccari updated the delegation on the latest WBSC developments while they were in Pully.

"Following the WBSC Europe elections in February we now have a unified organisation with baseball and softball now as one and this new leadership can build the base for a strong Europe," Fracarri said.

"As a result of the unification, the management of baseball and softball in the continent is drastically simplified, it will be easier now to interact and build stronger relations with WBSC’s departments, increase the harmonisation and synergy of baseball and softball development programmes as well as standardise the quality of your events"

Former general secretary Karin was elected President of the WBSC Europe after defeating Andrea Marcon by 44 votes to 26 in Ljubljana in February.

Karin had been WBSC Europe secretary general since 2017 and held the same role at the Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) since 2012.