The International Floorball Federation says it will support transfers of refugees ©IFF

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) says it has opened a transfer window for refugees to move to clubs in other nations should they be impacted by war.

The IFF says a refugee transfer will be granted to all players who live and play in a country where the reason of war, natural disaster or equivalent prevents a player from participation in floorball activities.

The decision comes amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

"The player may transfer, with no fee, to other countries for playing," an IFF statement read.

"This transfer can be done at any time, including outside of the official transfer period.

"The player shall return to their original (giving) club when the situation so allows, and the return transfer is also without any fee.

"The transfer form needs to be filled in.

"If the situation is such that the giving Club and/or national Association is not able to sign the transfer, the IFF will review the application and may approve the transfers without these signatures."

The decision is similar to a position adopted by football’s governing body FIFA, which has allowed players from Ukraine and Russia to move outside the transfer window due to the ongoing conflict.

The IFF has highlighted the efforts of its member associations to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian Floorball Federation by donating money and equipment.

The IFF has praised efforts from the floorball community to support Ukraine ©IFF
The IFF has praised efforts from the floorball community to support Ukraine ©IFF

Several clubs in the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland have donated ticket revenue to organisations supporting aid efforts in Ukraine.

The Czech floorball store has placed on sale blue and yellow balls, with funds set to be donated to charity.

The Latvian Football Federation has said it will cover the costs of the Ukrainian national team’s stay considering the World Floorball Championships qualification event in the nation.

The federation will also assist any if the Ukrainian floorball players need temporary accommodation in Latvia.

Several other countries, clubs and leagues have reportedly offered support to the Ukrainian people with fundraising and messages displayed.

The IFF said many clubs across Europe have also offered spaces to train and play for any Ukrainian Floorball players fleeing the conflict.