Roberto Marotta was ratified as the secretary general of World Skate ©Getty Images

The World Skate Executive Board has voted through amendments to the organisation's statutes, with one significant change being the establishment of one National Federation per country.

Under Article 3.1-4 of World Skate's statutes and bylaws the organisation now says it recognises "only one National Federation per country."

To ensure this change will be carried out, the Executive Board has invited all the entities in countries where more than one National Federation has been recognised to merge into one.

The decision-making Board has also established and recognised four regional organisations - World Skate Mediterranean Area, World Skate South American Area, World Skate Commonwealth of Independent States and World Skate South-East Asia Area.

World Skate believes these new institutions will contribute towards developing the sport and values across the world and promote the inclusion of one or more of its sports in regional multi-game events.

The head of each regional organisation will be appointed by the Executive Board.

Gary Ream was ratified as the head of the skateboarding discipline ©Getty Images
Gary Ream was ratified as the head of the skateboarding discipline ©Getty Images

Following the elective Congress last month, Roberto Marotta was ratified as World Skate secretary general - a role he has held since 2000.

The Italian’s confirmed appointment came alongside compatriot Doris Gentile being assigned to vice secretary general and Australia’s Karen Doyle becoming commissioner for Oceania.

The chairs of the World Skate Technical Commissions were also confirmed.

Italy’s Nicola Genchi will continue to lead artistic, Germany’s Siegfried Zistler heads inline alpine, China’s Weifeng Gu leads inline freestyle, Italy’s Andrea Fonzari takes up the role at inline hockey and Colombia’s Jorge Roldan chairs inline speed skating.

Carmelo Paniagua was confirmed as the head of rink hockey, the United States’ Fernando Regueiro leads roller derby, compatriot Gary Ream takes the role for skateboarding and France’s Olivier Pascal chairs roller freestyle.

Scooter will be led by Finland’s Elmery Pirinen.