Hosts Uzbekistan made a strong start to the Asian Sambo Championships ©Getty Images

Hosts Uzbekistan enjoyed a successful opening day of the Asian Sambo Championships in the capital of Tashkent as they won one of the three opening men’s titles and took gold in both the opening combat sambo categories.

Ilhom Parmonov was the man who topped the podium for the home team in the 58-kilograms category at the Tashkent Universal Sports Palace, with silver going to Kazakhstan’s Akshol Baltabayev and a second home fighter, Oybek Fatulloev, taking bronze.

Uzbekistan’s Mukhammadnozim Shukurov took bronze in the 79kg behind gold medallist Khamroz Rajabov of Tajikistan and silver medallist Aidos Aliev of Kyrgyzstan, and another home athlete made the podium in the over-98kg category as Khusniddin Khusanov took silver behind Kazakhstan’s Temirlan Kolbay, with Kyrgyzstan’s Orazbek Almazbekov earning bronze.

Oybek Soliyev and Sokhibjon Khasanboev were the home combat sambo winners in the 64kg and 88kg classes respectively.

The Asian Sambo Championships began with a rush of home medals in Tashkent today ©Getty Images
The Asian Sambo Championships began with a rush of home medals in Tashkent today ©Getty Images

Soliyev finished ahead of two Kazakhstan fighters, Kazbek Supygaliev and Adilbek Seissov, while in the 88kg class silver went to Kyrgyzstan’s Nurisbek Bekberdiev and bronze to Javlanbek Madaminov of Turkmenistan.

However it was Kazakhstan that dominated the opening two women’s categories, as Aizhan Zhylkykbaeva won the women’s 50kg title and Azhar Salykova earned the 65kg gold.

Home fighter Musharraf Iboddullyeva took silver in the 50kg category with bronze going to Kyrgyzstan’s Aizhan Aitpozova.

In the 65kg category there was another silver for Uzbekistan through Sarvinoz Esanova and bronze went to another Kazakh fighter Ayaulym Balapanova.

The programme for tomorrow is due to feature the men’s 64kg and 88kg categories, and the women’s 54kg, 72kg and over-80 kg categories, as well as the 71kg and 98kg classes in combat sambo.

The concluding day will see action in the men’s 71kg and 98kg categories, the women’s 59kg and 80kg categories and combat sambo in the 58kg, 79kg, and over-98kg categories.

The Uzbekistan capital, which staged the 2017 Championships, has taken over this year’s hosting from Indonesia, which had to give up its responsibility because of COVID-19 restrictions.