Tokyo 2020 has released details on the 2021 Nippon Festival ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 has unveiled the programme of events for the 2021 Nippon Festival that aims to be a "symbol of human solidarity" in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The festival was due to take place last year only to be cancelled when the global health crisis caused the Olympics and Paralympics to be moved to 2021.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee has now come up with a revised plan in light of the need for coronavirus countermeasures and the "simplified management" of the Games.

Scheduled to run from April to September, the festival is set to be streamed online to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the events.

"Participation and Interaction", "Towards the Realisation of an Inclusive Society" and "Reconstruction of the Tohoku Region" remain the themes of the Tokyo 2020 programme.

"The cultural and artistic elements of the Nippon Festival are designed to inspire people, and in the wake of the social fragmentation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme aims to be a symbol of human solidarity that will transcend boundaries and encourage global cooperation," a statement from Tokyo 2020 read.

All Nippon Festival events not directly organised by Tokyo 2020 are set to be staged in collaboration with local Government and arts groups across Japan.

The aim of the events is to encourage greater awareness of diversity ahead of the Tokyo Games which is due to start on July 23.

Nippon Festival events are expected to be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic ©Getty Images
Nippon Festival events are expected to be held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic ©Getty Images

Tokyo 2020 is set to host three cultural programmes which bid to embody the festival’s "Blooming of Culture" concept, boost expectations ahead of the Games and promote the Olympic Movement.

Azuma Chizura, an actor who has been involved in social outreach activities for nearly 30 years, has been named as theatre director and executive producer for the MAZEKOZE Island Tour, scheduled to take place online on August 22.

It is set to feature art and musical performances by artists and entertainers and aims to allow viewers to recognise that no two people are exactly the same.

"We already have our 'MAZEKOZE (mixed and meshed) Society'," said Chizura.

"However, in reality, many people find it hard to live because their unique qualities are not understood or not respected.

"How could one not realise that someone is hurting, even though they are right next to them?

"Perhaps, we think we understand the concept of human rights in our minds, but we cannot feel that it is connected to our lives.

"That is why this time, I have decided to plan, coordinate, cast, and direct a video that allows viewers to better visualise and experience coexistence and diversity."