The second Tokyo 2020 Olympic ticket lottery has launched today for residents of Japan ©Tokyo 2020

The second Tokyo 2020 Olympic ticket lottery has launched today for residents of Japan.

More than one million tickets are available for nearly every sport on the programme, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

This includes boxing for the first time after the sport's place on the Olympic programme was confirmed amid governance problems at the International Boxing Association.

Tickets for the marathon will not be on sale following the decision to move races to Sapporo in a bid to counter the Tokyo heat.

Triathlon, marathon swimming and equestrian cross-country tickets will also not be on sale.

This is due to the competition schedule remaining under consideration for these events.

The second lottery will remain open until December 18 and those successful have until January 10 to complete their purchases.

Organisers have limited the number of tickets one person can buy to 18, down from 30 after the first lottery.

Tokyo 2020 claim tickets are on offer at affordable prices, with general admission starting at ¥2,500 (/£17/$22/€20).

Half of all tickets cost ¥8,000 (£57/$73/€66) or less, while a cheaper concessionary rate for children, the elderly and people with disabilities is also available at ¥2,020 (£14/$18/€15).

This price is also available in conjunction with a school programme targeting over one million students across Japan.

The first ticket lottery in Japan, held between May 9 and 28, saw more than 3.2 million tickets sold.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are less than a year away ©Getty Images
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are less than a year away ©Getty Images

However, a huge number of people missed out as more than 7.5 million Japanese entered the ballot. 

The official ticketing website was visited more than 24 million times in May with traffic overwhelming the system, prompting organisers to extend the application phase by 12 hours.

An additional ballot for those unsuccessful during the first lottery was held between August 8 and 19, as a result of high demand.

Organisers considered this to still be part of the first ballot, which is why today's launch is known as the second lottery.

The number of visits on the website during the 11-day period was 4,580,000 and nearly 700,000 tickets were available during this phase.

People who did not apply during the initial phase were not able to take part, nor were those allocated tickets in May.

After the second lottery, a first come, first served phase will open in the spring of 2020 for fans in Japan and abroad.

People living outside Japan can now purchase tickets through authorised ticket resellers in their home countries, however, with that process beginning in June.

Paralympic sales began in Japan in August.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will run between July 24 and August 9, with the Paralympics following between August 25 and September 6.