The announcement of dates will hopefully increase participation on World Snow Day ©FIS

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has confirmed the dates for the next six editions of World Snow Day.

It will continue to take place on the third weekend of January, having done so since the first edition in 2012. 

Next year is January 19, then January 17 in 2021 and January 16 in 2022.

The following editions are January 15 2023, January 21 2024 and January 19 2025. 

FIS hope that the advanced notice will give organisations time to plan activities and maximise participation. 

World Snow Day aims to give children and their families the chance to experience and enjoy snow. 

Various activities take place around the world, held by organisations such as ski and snowboard schools, ski resorts, tourism organisations and national ski and snowboard associations. 

This year saw 464 events, according to a report by the FIS.

Some 45 countries participated, with 11 events in major cities and 315,000 people taking part in total.