The FIS have published a report on their annual World Snow Day ©FIS

The International Ski Federation (FIS) have published a report detailing the success of their annual World Snow Day.

The seventh edition of the day took place on January 21, with 523 events having been organised worldwide.

World Snow Day is designed to encourage ski resorts, ski and snowboard schools, tourism organisations, national ski and snowboard associations, government and non-government bodies to promote snow sport by organising events.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper has claimed the day proved a strong success as they look to attract children to snow sport.

"The 2018 edition of World Snow Day was a big success with over 500 events and actions, 11 city events and eight events in the Southern Hemisphere,” he said.

"Also impressive is the fact it was the 7th edition of World Snow Day, which shows continued enthusiasm to bring the next generation to snow sports.

"We must constantly remember what the aim of World Snow Day is, to bring children to the snow.

"FIS has had over 100 years of experience in organsing competitive snow sports, but World Snow Day steps back and focuses on the grass roots of snow sports.

"The focus is on the everyday snow sports participants who take part for the sheer fun of it."

The report revealed that 89 per cent of World Snow Day organisers intend to stage an event in 2019.

Participants praised free or discounted lift passes in the report.

World Snow Day is aimed at encouraging children to try snow sport ©FIS
World Snow Day is aimed at encouraging children to try snow sport ©FIS

It is claimed the document will help organisers build their events and give snow sports industry further insight into developing sports.

Individual reports are included from each of the organisers of events.

Kasper also claimed the day helped to promote safety, with FIS having partnered with mountain infrastructure organisation MND Group to help raise awareness.

"World Snow Day also has a very important secondary goal that is important to communicate: safety. For this edition of World Snow Day we had the privilege of partnering with the MND Group to produce a series of safety animations," he said.

"These animations are a tool that makes it easier for all snow sports stakeholders to educate youngsters on how to be safe on the mountain.

"The animations are free of charge and available in multiple languages.

"These animations are an excellent resource and I encourage all people in snow sports to incorporate this message into their programmes."

World Snow Day in 2019 is due to take place on January 20.

The report can be downloaded here.