A trailer has been released for World Snow Day, which intends to promote children's participation in snow activities such as skiing and snowboarding. ©Getty Images

A trailer has been released advertising the International Ski Federation's (FIS) World Snow Day due be held on January 20 next year.

World Snow Day is part of the FIS campaign "Bring Children to the Snow" a campaign that begun in 2007.

The first World Snow Day was held in 2012. 

The day is an annual festival, designed to give children and their families a chance to experience and enjoy snow.

Various activities take place around the world on the day, held by organisation such as ski and snowboard schools, ski resorts, tourism organisations and national ski and snowboard associations. 

Events normally include a winter activity festival in Belledonne in France and an event at the Whistler Olympic Park in Canada.

FIS launched World Snow Day after research suggested that the number of people participating in snow related activities was dropping.

The day was introduced in order to reverse this decline and promote recreational skiing and snowboarding across the world.

The trailer has been designed to help event organisers promote their World Snow Day activities and encourage attendance.