Camiel Eurlings has reportedly resigned as an IOC member ©Getty Images

Camiel Eurlings has resigned as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today in the face of growing pressure following the incident in which he was alleged to have assaulted his former girlfriend.

The IOC have expressed "regret" at the "personal" decision and thanked him for his contributions.

It leaves them without a member from The Netherlands and in need of a new chair for the IOC Communications Commission.

"I deeply regret the whole course of events," Eurlings, 44, said in a statement reported by Algemeen Dagblad.

"The discussion about whether or not to stay on depends on where it should go, right now; the sport and the athletes. 

"That is why I went down with pain in my heart as an IOC member, the most beautiful volunteer job in the world."

The former politician and businessman, appointed as the only Dutch IOC representative in 2013, was the subject of allegations made in December 2015 by former girlfriend Tessa Rolink.

She reportedly claimed to have suffered concussion, a broken elbow and severe bruising as a result of the alleged assault five months earlier.

Eurlings denied any wrongdoing and reportedly filed counter-charges of libel but, after a lengthy mediation process, it was announced in March that an agreement had been reached with the public prosecutor to settle the charges out-of-court.

He released a statement as criticism grew last month in which he "expressed regret" for the incident and conceded that he underestimated the public impact.

This only intensified criticism, however, leading to his resignation today.

Camiel Eurlings, second right, was among new appointments made to the IOC in 2013 ©Getty Images
Camiel Eurlings, second right, was among new appointments made to the IOC in 2013 ©Getty Images

"In recent years I have been able to contribute to the modernisation of the IOC as an IOC member," Eurlings added in his departing statement.

"The ties between the IOC and The Netherlands have been strengthened and we have created opportunities for smaller countries to organise the Games in the future. 

"It was an incredible honour to be able to contribute to this.

"I wish all Olympic athletes the best Games ever in Pyeongchang and hope that their years of dedication and training will be rewarded."

Eurlings was elected as an IOC member in 2013 and has served as chair of the IOC Communication Commission since 2015.

He is also a member of the IOC Finance Commission.

The IOC had publicly supported Eurlings and not requested his resignation as it was a "private matter".

"We understand that Camiel Eurlings has taken the decision to step down as an IOC member, and accept with regret his resignation which will be formally presented to the lOC Executive Board," they told insidethegames in a statement today.

"We thank him for his contribution, among others as Chairman of the IOC Communications Commission, and as a strong advocate behind the reforms of the IOC, making it easier for small nations to organise Olympic Games.

"Although we regret his decision, which is a personal one, we respect the step taken in the interests of the lOC, of the Olympic Movement, and of all involved."