Camiel Eurlings has been written to by the Dutch Athletes' Committee ©Getty Images

Dutch International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Camiel Eurlings has been written to by a group of the country's athletes as assault claims against him continue.

The Athletes' Committee of the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) confirmed the letter on Twitter, written by President and former decathlete Chiel Warners, but did not confirm its content.

It comes, however, amid continued interest in the Dutch media about a case Eurlings, a NOC*NSF Board member, settled in March.

The former politician and businessman, appointed as the only Dutch IOC representative in 2013, was the subject of allegations made in December 2015 by former girlfriend Tessa Rolink.

She reportedly claimed to have suffered concussion, a broken elbow and severe bruising as a result of the alleged assault five months earlier.

Eurlings denied any wrongdoing and reportedly filed counter-charges of libel.

The judiciary announced in September last year that the 44-year-old would be prosecuted on assault charges.

But both parties also agreed to follow a mediation process, where it was examined whether the charges could be settled in a way other than going to court. 

A spokesperson for Eurlings then confirmed in March that an agreement had been reached with the public prosecutor to settle the charges. 

Chiel Warners heads the Dutch Athletes' Committee ©Getty Images
Chiel Warners heads the Dutch Athletes' Committee ©Getty Images

Eurlings was then free to continue with his IOC role.

The latest reports are on the severity of the alleged assault with Eurlings claiming that media articles are wrong and have been exaggerated.

According to AD, his lawyer Gert-Jan Knoops said it had been wrongly reported that there had been "serious abuse".

However, the NL Times quoted an unnamed NOC*NSF Board member as saying he was "still damaging sport".

The NL Times also stated that Eurlings had previously been asked to step down from the NOC*NSF Board, but he has reportedly refused after insisting on his innocence.

Eurlings was appointed an IOC member at the same 2013 Session in Buenos Aires where Thomas Bach was elected President.

He has served as chair of the IOC Communication Commission since and has worked on the Finance Commission.

In addition, Eurlings worked as The Netherlands' Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management for three years from 2007 until 2010.

He retired from politics shortly afterwards and worked for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from 2011 until 2014, first as managing director and then as chief executive.