Camiel Eurlings is free to continue all IOC business ©Getty Images

International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Camiel Eurlings is free to continue his role with the organisation after settling a "serious assault charge" out-of-court.

Eurlings, a former politician and businessmen appointed as the only Dutch IOC representative in 2013, was the subject of allegations made in December 2015 by former girlfriend Tessa Rolink.

She reportedly claimed to have suffered concussion, a broken elbow and severe bruising as a result of the alleged assault five months earlier.

Eurlings denied any wrongdoings and reportedly filed counter-charges of libel.

The judiciary announced in September that the 43-year-old would be prosecuted on assault charges.

But both parties also agreed to follow a mediation process, where it was examined whether the charges can be settled in a way other than going to court. 

A spokesperson for Eurlings has now confirmed that an agreement has been reached with the Public Prosecutor to settle the charges. 

The exact nature of the settlement has not been made public.

According to, this involves no criminal conviction and the settlement is not an admission of guilt. 

He hopes to "now conclude a tedious and long running case for all parties".

It remains possible that Rolink could refuse to accept the settlement.

But the spokesperson added to that "given the thorough proposal now in place, one which the Judiciary thought long and hard about, we assume that this will not happen".

The Netherlands' Camiel Eurlings was appointed an IOC member at Buenos Aires in 2013 ©Getty Images
The Netherlands' Camiel Eurlings was appointed an IOC member at Buenos Aires in 2013 ©Getty Images

The IOC have confirmed that Eurlings faces no punishment.

"The IOC has been informed of the meeting between Mr. Eurlings and the public Prosecutor, as well as the statement made by the Prosecutor that the situation will not be brought to Court," a spokesperson told insidethegames. 

"This is a private matter, and the IOC has no further comment to make."

Senior gures in The Netherlands, though, have questioned whether Eurlings is an appropriate Dutch representative on the IOC following the scandal.

Writing in the De Telegraaf newspaper, two-time Olympic hockey champion Jacques Brinkman suggested the affair weakens the country's position on the IOC and could negatively impact a possible future Dutch bid for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Eurlings was appointed an IOC member at the same 2013 Session in Buenos Aires where Thomas Bach was elected President.

He has served as chair of the new IOC Communication Commission since 2015 and also sits on the Finance Commission.

Eurlings is a former senior politician, having served as The Netherlands' Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management for three years from 2007 until 2010

He retired from politics shortly afterwards and worked for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from 2011 until 2014, first managing director and then as chief executive. 

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors at American Express Global Business Travel.