Designs are currently being drawn up to determine Russian kit at Pyeongchang 2018 ©Getty Images

Speculation is growing in Russia about what the country's kit at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games will look like after a possible ice hockey uniform was leaked online.

The world's largest country will participate under the team name "Olympic Athletes from Russia" and are expected to be barred from having any national symbols on their uniforms.

This follows an International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision forcing Russia to compete neutrally in South Korea due to evidence of a "systemic manipulation" of the anti-doping system at Sochi 2014.

Kit designs are currently being drawn-up by individual Russian national federations before being sent to the IOC for approval by a panel chaired by Aruba's Executive Board member Nicole Hoevertsz.

The ice hockey kit proposal, as reported by R-Sport, is designed by Nike and includes the full wording "Olympic Athletes from Russia" on a red and white coloured kit. 

It is likely to provoke outrage among figures calling for a strict adoption of neutrality for Russian athletes. 

It is also likely that it is just one of many designs being considered. 

According to the TASS news agency, it is possible that stickers could be taped over national symbols in order to ensure compliance with IOC requirements.

A "source" from an unnamed winter national federation said that this may be the only compromise possible given the short time-frame before the start of the South Korean Games.

They said that manufacturers of sports equipment may "simply not have time to produce sets of kit that would satisfy the requirements of the IOC".

These stickers, it was added, could include the OAR acronym or the team name in full.

This kit will be developed separately to the ceremonial uniforms for neutral athletes, which are being manufactured by Russian Olympic Committee supplier, ZASport.

Mock-ups of a possible kit design have reportedly already also been sent to the IOC by the Federation of Bobsleigh of Russia.

"Today we sent neutral lay-outs to the IOC and the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation," the national body's secretary general Sergei Parkhomenko told TASS.

"I hope that we will respond very promptly.

"In developing, we took into account the requirements of the IOC, so that there were no combinations of colours of the Russian flag."

The IOC are so far refusing to divulge any more details about their uniform rules for Russian athletes.