Paris 2024's use of an English slogan to promote their Olympic and Paralympic Games bid has been fiercely criticised ©Getty Images

An English slogan used by Paris 2024 to promote their bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has been criticised by a group promoting the French language.

The Académie Française, founded in 1635, likened the "Made for Sharing" strapline, unveiled to coincide with Paris 2024 submitting their third candidature file to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to a pizza advert.

Lawyer Emmanuel Ludot has also reportedly submitted an appeal to the Government's rights defence authority in an attempt to suspend the use of the slogan by Paris 2024.

According to Agence France-Presse, the appeal will be lodged at the Paris administrative court on Monday (Feburary 20) as Ludot claims the strapline violates a law protecting the French language.

In a statement, the organisation expressed its disapproval at the decision to use the English version of the slogan rather than the French "Venez Partager".

Bid officials claimed at the launch of their international promotion campaign earlier this month that using English was an attempt to broaden their worldwide appeal.

"Even though the Bid Committee provided a second version of this slogan, in French – 'Venez Partager' – the Académie Française unanimously expresses its disapproval of the decision to give priority to the English language to promote the Paris Olympic bid," they said in a statement.

"The official languages of the IOC are French and English, in that order."

Paris 2024 revealed their strapline earlier this month ©Getty Images
Paris 2024 revealed their strapline earlier this month ©Getty Images

The slogan has also been met with opposition by French literary organisation the Academie Goncourt.

President Bernard Pivot described it as a "mistake" and an "absurdity".

"Paris, the capital of the Francophone world is bowing to the language not only of Shakespeare but also that of Donald Trump," he told AFP.

insidethegames exclusively revealed earlier this week that food and drinks giants Nestlé had laughed off suggestions that the Paris 2024 "Made for Sharing" strapline breaks any rules, despite being identical to a longstanding slogan used to market Quality Street chocolates.

The words were briefly illuminated in English on the Eiffel Tower at the end of a ceremony marking the start of an international promotion period.

"We are fully engaged and very proud to defend the promotion of our country, our language and our values with Paris 2024 and the best way to promote them globally is by winning the right to host the Games in 2024," Paris 2024 chief executive Etienne Thobois said. 

"We will do so by communicating to the world why we are the best partner for the IOC for 2024. 

"In French, in English, in Spanish, or whatever language necessary to make sure we share our message of a Games of passion and purpose with the Olympic family."

Paris is locked in a three-way fight for the 2024 Games with Budapest and Los Angeles.

The IOC is due to elect its chosen host city at the Session in Lima on September 13.