The first hour world records in inline skating have been set ©World Skate

German inline skaters Felix Rijhnen and Mareike Thum have set the first-ever hour world records in the sport.

Both athletes attempted to cover as great a distance as possible within 60 minutes at the Geisingen Arena, supported by the German national federation.

Rijhnen recorded 39.932 kilometres, falling just short of his target of 40km as he was crowned as the men's world record holder.

Thum managed 34.336km to become the inaugural holder of the women's world record.

Both athletes are World Championship gold medallists.

"That hour lasted like ten hours," said Rijhnen.

"After only 15 minutes, it started to really pinch my legs and back. 

"At 202 laps, the clock finally stopped, which put me just under the targeted 40 kilometres mark which I was hoping to break."

Felix Rijhnen is the inaugural men's world record holder ©World Skate
Felix Rijhnen is the inaugural men's world record holder ©World Skate

Thum added: "That hour seemed never ending. 

"After 30 minutes I was already weary, but I still had half of it in front of me.

"But it's a world record."

The hour world record is already an established target in track cycling.

More inline skaters are now set to come forward to try and beat the marks of Rijhnen and Thum, who have both received an hour record trophy.

"I am very happy and impressed by the performances of both athletes and I hope other skaters will try to follow their steps and attempt a new hour world record soon," said Mario Miconi, a member of the World Skate Inline Speed Skating Technical Commission.