The International Day of University Sport is more than a series of sport events put on in city centres. September 20 is an annual occasion for communities to come together and discover new sports through movement and peerless instruction.

Universities play a special role in the sporting world and are where sport can be fully integrated into the education of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens. The International Day of University Sport is celebrated annually on the 20 September.

Officially endorsed by UNESCO and FISU, the day showcases the vital role sport plays in our social and civic lives.

Through sport we most often really learn self-respect and respect for others. It’s through sport that fair play and the pursuit of excellence are practised in tandem. For us to reach our potential, both as individuals and as a collective, education and sport need to be at the core of our endeavours. The 20 of September is a day to remind all that sport is available to everyone.

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What to expect during the International Day of University Sport events

Sport is about activity and movement. As such, FISU Festival events on this day are made up of everything from leisure sport activities and competitions to workshops and cultural happenings. Just be ready to move! The day is a celebration of sport, open to all citizens of all ages.

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What were some of the highlights from last year?

Fitting with the motto “The campus goes to the city, the city meets with the campus," three universities and municipalities came together to put on successful events in 2016.

FISU’s main goal of focusing its efforts on promotion of health and well-being through sports and physical activities of all levels was achieved when over 8,500 people came out to play at the University Sport Festivals in 2016.

Having proven the concept of an event dedicated to Sport for All that works as a platform between students and citizens outside campus, FISU is making preparations to achieve its ultimate goal with the International Day of Sport. And that is to promote and stimulate the University Sport Movement on a global scale. Come join this 20 September at an iconic city landmark for a day of sport and discovery.

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How to find out more about the events

For more information regarding the International Day of Sport, contact the FISU Education Services Director Kole Gjeloshaj at [email protected] or [email protected].

Interested in finding out how to host an event in your city or at your university? Check out the International University Sports Festival Handbook  by clicking here.