The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), formed in 1982, is the apex sporting body which controls all the sports in Asia.

The OCA was officially established on the 16th November 1982 in New Delhi, during the first General Assembly. At this time there were 34 member NOCs, these are referred to as founder members.

Sheikh Ahmad

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah was appointed President in 1991 and its permanent headquarters are based in Kuwait.

OCA is one of the five continental associations recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), currently with 45 member National Olympic Committees (NOCs). Recognised by the IOC in 1911, Japan and Philippines are the oldest of the NOC’s meanwhile East Timor is the newest, joining in 2003.


The main objective of the OCA is to develop sport, culture and education of Asian youth as well as to promote international respect, friendship, goodwill & peace through sports. The General Assembly is the final authority which determines all matters concerning the OCA. It also holds specific power to enforce the fundamental principles, objectives, rules, regulations and bye laws which are laid down the OCA Constitution.