South Africa return to the Games

Following a 36 year absence from the Commonwealth Games, South Africa returned to the XV Games which were held in Canada for the fourth time.

With the apartheid era over and with their reinstatement to the Commonwealth in 1991, South Africa participated in the first Commonwealth Games since the Cardiff 1958 Games and finished in 12th place.
The return of South Africa to the Commonwealth Games ensured that the era of threatened boycotts was over.
The Victoria 1994 Games also marked Hong Kong's last appearance before they reverted to Chinese rule.
The opening and closing ceremonies were held at Victoria's Centennial Stadium, which had been completely refurbished in honour of the Commonwealth Games.
At the Victoria Games, Canada achieved their highest ever finish of second. Australia finished top of the overall medals table with England in third place.
It marked the only time that England has finished outside the top two in the overall medal table. In every other Commonwealth Games to date, England and Australia have occupied the top two spots in the overall medal table.
Date Games held: August 18-28
Number of nations represented: 63
Number of competitors: 2,669
Number of medals awarded: 687