By Tom Degun

rainbow rescue_25-11-11November 25 - After making their movie debut in August this year, London 2012 Olympic mascot Wenlock and Paralympic mascot Mandeville are back on the big screen exclusively at Odeon Cinemas across the UK in their latest animated film "Wenlock and Mandeville's Rainbow Rescue".

British children's writer Michael Morpurgo penned the story concept and produced a short animated film called Out of a Rainbow last year, which shows how the two mascots were formed from two drops of the molten-steel that fell off the last girder for the Olympic Stadium at the steelworks in Bolton.

The Rainbow series, which shows what the mascots are getting up to in the run-up to London 2012, has since become hugely popular and Rainbow Rescue sees the two mascots help a school create a library bus after their school library is destroyed in a storm.

"Rainbow Rescue, new film starring me and Wenlock. What more could you ask for?!" said Mandeville on his Twitter page.

"Our new film is out today in ODEON cinemas!" added an excited Wenlock on his own Twitter page.

The film, narrated by English television and film personality Stephen Fry, is based on a true story as Morpurgo wrote the tale after being inspired following a visit to Rosendale Elementary School in West Dulwich whose library is inside a double-decker bus.

Morpurgo held a writing workshop for children from schools in London in the library bus to develop ideas for the fourth and final film and worked with music composer Thomas Hewitt Jones on the soundtrack.

Their final film will also be shown in Odeon Cinemas in May.

Meanwhile, a trailer of the new third film has been released which shows the library destroyed in a storm.

rainbow rescue_25-11-111
The two mascots then contact five of London's top Olympic and Paralympic stars to urgently help out.

The stars who receive an urgent picture message from the mascots are gymnast Louis Smith, wheelchair racer Shelly Woods, Paralympic rower Tom Aggar, cyclist Victoria Pendleton, weightlifter Zoe Smith.

The trailer is only a taster however and fans must head down to the Odeon to find out how things turn out.

The film is out today and will be shown at Odeon Cinemas on 373 screens in more than 100 locations across the UK.

It will be shown before selected family movies, including Arthur Christmas, Hugo, Happy Feet Two, Puss in Boots and Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, until December 23.

"We have these extraordinary characters Wenlock and Mandeville who are not only encouraging young people to take up sport but are inspiring the next generation of story tellers and writers," said Morpurgo.

Over 23,700 people now follow Wenlock and Mandeville on Twitter and Facebook, while the mascots feature on over 25 per cent of official London 2012 products.

To view the trailer for Rainbow Rescue click here.

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