AWC 2024: North Korea continues winning streak, Rahmat sets two new world records. GETTY IMAGES

A world record attempt, an eighth gold medal for North Korea and the first gold medal for another country. These were just some of the highlights of Day 4 of the 2024 Asian Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent.

There was little doubt that North Korea would continue to collect gold medals, as the world record holder in the clean and jerk in the women's 64 kg category, Ri Suk, stepped onto to the podium on day 4 of the competition. 

She had three successful attempts in the snatch and finished with 112 kg, 22 kg ahead of Anuujin Ganzorig in second place. Jian Han from South Korea was third with 88 kg. Ri Suk continued to dominate in the clean and jerk. She finished with 141 kg and tried to break her own world record on her third attempt, but failed to keep the bar above her head at 147 kg. However, the total of 253 kg was impressive. It's hard to believe, but Ri Suk was 49 kg ahead of the runner-up. 

While the gold medal was a foregone conclusion, the other two medals were decided in a very tough competition. Snatch silver medallist Ganzorig failed all three attempts at 112 kg.  Jian Han only managed 105 kg in the clean and jerk and finished fourth overall. Wei-Chia Li from Taipei, sixth in the snatch, and Mink-Yung Park from South Korea, fourth in the snatch, battled for the silver medal, with Li finishing second in the clean and jerk and total with her final attempt of 118 kg bar. Park finished third in both the clean and jerk and the total.

Erwin Abdullah Rahmat at the Tokyo 2020, where he won a bronze medal. GETTY IMAGES
Erwin Abdullah Rahmat at the Tokyo 2020, where he won a bronze medal. GETTY IMAGES

Indonesia became the first country after North Korea to win an overall gold medal. There were no PRK athletes in the men's -73 kg category, which allowed the Indonesians to take the first two places. Erwin Abdullah Rahmat, who holds the world record in the clean and jerk, and Juniansyah Rizki (both Indonesia) fought hard for the snatch gold medal, with Rahmat finishing just 1 kg ahead of his team-mate with a total of 159 kg. Masanori Miyamoto of Japan was third with 150 kg. 

It was a one-man show in the clean and jerk. With Rizki finishing the clean and jerk with 195 kg for a total of 353, Rahmat could have easily won the gold medal on his second attempt, but he did not take the easy way out. He decided to attack his own world record (201 kg) with his second attempt. He had a successful attempt at 202 kg, but it was not over yet. With his third attempt Rahmat set another world record - 204 kg. His total of 363 kg is just one kg behind the world record of Shi Zhiyong (China). Will we see more of Rahmat in Paris? Perhaps. 

Rizki was second with 195 kg in the clean and jerk and in the total. Miyamoto was fourth in the clean and jerk but took the bronze medal in the total (335 kg). The bronze medal in the clean and jerk went to Joo-Hyo Bak from Korea (186 kg).