Jorge Vilda has denied putting pressure on Jenni Hermoso ©Getty Images

Sacked head coach Jorge Vilda has denied that he pressured Jenni Hermoso to downplay the kiss she received from Luis Rubiales after Spain won the FIFA Women's World Cup final.

Rubiales, the former Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President, denies sexual assault and coercion after the alleged non-consensual kiss which has overshadowed Spain winning the tournament for the first time.

Last month, a court probe was expanded to place the team's former boss Vilda under investigation amid allegations that Hermoso was pressured into saying that the kiss was consensual.

Vilda and RFEF marketing chief Ruben Rivera both denied this when appearing at Spain's National Court in Madrid today.

Three Spanish players - Alexia Putellas, Irene Paredes and Misa Rodríguez - all testified last week that Rubiales has pressured Hermoso to publicly justify the kiss.

Rubiales had previously testified that Vilda spoke to Hermoso's brother as the team flew back to Spain from the World Cup in Australia.

Vilda accepted that a conversation took place but denied it was about trying to coerce Hermoso through her brother.

Jenni Hermoso has said she was a victim of aggression ©Getty Images
Jenni Hermoso has said she was a victim of aggression ©Getty Images

Rivera accompanied the players during a trip to Ibiza which was organised to celebrate their World Cup win, which was sealed with a 1-0 victory over England in Sydney on August 20.

Hermoso was allegedly put under pressure while on the trip.

Rivera has claimed that he was simply a "messenger" who told Hermoso that Albert Luque, an RFEF sporting director who is due to testify on October 16, wanted to speak with her on the phone.

He said his role in Ibiza was to carry out errands, including bringing bikinis to players.

Rubiales initially insisted that he would not quit over the incident but eventually resigned on September 10 following days of pressure and controversy.

Vilda was sacked as Spain's women's head coach on September 5 as fallout from the scandal continued.

He was seen applauding Rubiales during his speech at an RFEF Extraordinary General Assembly when he defiantly claimed "he would not resign".

A day earlier, 11 members of the Spanish women's coaching staff had issued a statement saying they were quitting, a move which left just Vilda in his role.

In September last year, 15 Spanish players wrote to Rubiales with complaints about Vilda, alleging a "toxic atmosphere".

However, he remained in his job for the World Cup.

Only Rubiales, who was suspended by FIFA, was originally under formal investigation but the court case was extended to include Vilda, Luque and Rivera.

All three had previously only been due to be called as witnesses in the case but judge Francisco de Jorge changed their status.

Hermoso has said she did not want to be kissed with the 33-year-old attacking midfielder saying she felt "vulnerable and a victim of an aggression".

De Jorge has placed a restraining order on Rubiales to prevent him from approaching her.

Luis Rubiales is accused of sexual assault and coercion but denies the allegations ©Getty Images
Luis Rubiales is accused of sexual assault and coercion but denies the allegations ©Getty Images

Despite Rubiales' resignation and Vilda's departure, the majority of the squad refused to return for Spanish duty before further assurances were provided by the RFEF.

Following discussions with Spain's National Sports Council, a number of changes were agreed and the players assembled for victories over Sweden and Switzerland in the UEFA Nations League, which offers a route to next year's Olympic Games in Paris, last month.

European governing body UEFA has opted to move its Congress from Madrid to Paris to avoid association with the scandal.

Madrid was due to host 55 member federations on February 8 and stage the draw for the men's UEFA Nations League.

Rubiales immediately forfeited his role as UEFA vice-president when he resigned as head of the RFEF.

Amand Duka of Albania has been appointed to replace him, becoming one of six UEFA vice-presidents.

The case is continuing with more witnesses due to be called. 

Amid the scandal, FIFA has named a joint bid from Spain, Portugal and Morocco as the sole candidate for the 2030 men's World Cup.