Members of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association are set to vote on whether to join World Boxing later this month ©Getty Images

A date has been set for members of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA) to vote on whether the national governing body should join World Boxing.

The IABA has announced today that an Extraordinary General Meeting will be staged at the National Stadium in Dublin on August 26 when a decision is set to be made on the national governing body’s future.

A special resolution has been proposed to change the IABA’s constitution with the aim of enabling it to have "more control over our operations without constitutional restrictions" as it would remove any mention of the International Boxing Association (IBA).

A motion has also been tabled to decide if the IABA should become a member of World Boxing but the organisation says it intends to retain its IBA membership.

The proposal will ask clubs whether they wish for the IABA to remain a member of the IBA and affiliate with World Boxing.

"Should delegates at the EGM vote in favour of the resolution, the IABA will not resign from the IBA," a statement from the IABA read.

"Members are being asked if they wish the IABA to also join World Boxing.

An Extraordinary General Meeting is set to be held in Dublin on August 26 ©IABA
An Extraordinary General Meeting is set to be held in Dublin on August 26 ©IABA

"If delegates do not vote in favour of the resolution, IABA will not be able to join World Boxing because of restrains in the constitution, regardless of the outcome of the vote on this motion."

The IABA is a member of the IBA which had been suspended by the International Olympic Committee due to governance concerns since 2019 and in June became the first governing body ever to be expelled from the Olympic Movement.

World Boxing was formed in April and is seeking IOC recognition, although it has been described as a "rogue organisation" by the IBA.

The United States, Switzerland and New Zealand have quit the IBA to seek World Boxing membership, and Argentina has also resigned from the banished governing body led by Russian official Umar Kremlev.

According to the Irish Independent, the IABA has offered to stage a World Boxing event next year if the vote is in favour of becoming a member.

IABA interim chair Tom Geraghty and President Gerry O’Mahony have voiced concerns at officiating, governance and financial management of the IBA but recognise that "for some clubs and boxers, prize money at IBA tournaments is attractive".

They also fear that the IABA "may well find out direct and indirect funding impacted" should it opt to stay with the IBA but believe joining World Boxing would be a "calculated risk".

The IABA is proposing to remove all mention of the International Boxing Association from its constitution ©IABA
The IABA is proposing to remove all mention of the International Boxing Association from its constitution ©IABA

Concerns have been raised by some members with several clubs recently walking out of a heated meeting in Belfast.

The IABA was reportedly accused by Malachy Scott, secretary of the County Antrim Boxing Board, of being "like propagandists for World Boxing" before later withdrawing his remarks.

A statement has been issued by the IABA today outlining its plans for the EGM to be held later this month.

The IABA argues that the IOC’s decision to expel the IBA "demonstrates the need for IABA to have the ability to affiliate with other International Federations which is precluded by our current constitution as adopted".

"The Board recognises and appreciates the concerns expressed by a number of members and wishes to reassure members that the provision would only be utilised in circumstances where the IABA Board felt it was in the best interests of the organisation, following a ballot of members," the statement from the IABA added.

"The proposed special resolution is to amend the constitution of the company to allow it to place the promotion of boxing in Ireland uncoupled with obligations that are inconsistent and distinct with those objects which relate to any third-party body.

"The logic is to ensure that we are not restricted in our affiliations and that the members have more autonomy over this decision which currently has no flexibility in the constitution as adopted."

The IABA governs Olympic boxing on the island of Ireland, including in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.

Boxing is Ireland's most successful Olympic sport, accounting for 18 of its 35 medals won at the Games.