Fraser Bullock told a first meeting of a Utah Legislature Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Coordination Committee they were willing to host the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in either 2030 or 2034 ©Getty Images

The President of the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games Fraser Bullock has explained why the bid team would prefer to host the Winter Olympics in 2034, rather than 2030, during a presentation at the first meeting of Utah Legislature’s new Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Coordination Committee.

Bullock told the meeting, held at the Capitol in Salt Lake City: "The reason for that is hosting the Games in 2030 would only be 18 months after Los Angeles hosted the Summer Games in 2028.

"That would create a potential negative impact on domestic sponsorship revenue, being that close together."

He also repeated comments made last year following a meeting with representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne, by saying that either 2030 or 2034 were options.

"We are willing to host either Games, whichever is in the best interest of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and Utah," he told the Coordination Committee meeting, as reported by Deseret News.

On the same day as the Coordination Committee meeting, the Swedish Olympic Committee announced it was moving to the ongoing dialogue phase with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), as it looks to bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

"For us, that’s good news," Bullock told the Coordination Committee, adding that "potentially they or someone else would fill the 2030 slot then we could be 2034."

Bullock described it as
Bullock described it as "good news" that the Swedish Olympic Committee was moving to the ongoing dialogue phase regarding its bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics ©Getty Images

During an hour-long presentation on the bid, Bullock outlined that most of the paperwork required of preferred hosts was already completed, including contracts for nearly 19,000 of the hotel rooms required.

A slide during the presentation noted that the Committee for the Games had already received 100 per cent of the guarantees required by the IOC from state and local Governments.

Bullock also told the Coordination Committee that the Olympics would not require funding from the state or local taxpayers, describing them as "really privately financed."

Concluding his presentation Bullock told the Coordination Committee: "We could not do this without your support.

"You are the wind at our backs ... we know that you’re behind us and that makes such a big difference."

Senator Michael McKell, the co-chairman of the committee concluded the meeting by saying: "My takeaway is we are ready, we are on schedule and you’ve got solid support here in the state of Utah, both in the executive branch and in the legislature - and the public.

Salt Lake City previously hosted the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2002 ©Getty Images
Salt Lake City previously hosted the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2002 ©Getty Images

"Obviously, bringing the Olympics is a huge commitment for the state of Utah and it’s one we’re excited to make."

Sapporo in Japan was another 2030 contender but has decided to delay until 2034 because of the fallout from the Tokyo 2020 corruption scandal, which has severely dented enthusiasm for an Olympics in Japan among the public and the IOC.

Vancouver in Canada has announced that it will no longer be in contention after failing to secure support from the British Columbia Government.

Last month French IOC member Guy Drut said the country could potentially bid with a combined effort from Rhône-Alpes and the Southern Alps.

The IOC had wanted to confirm a host for 2030 at this year's delayed Session in Mumbai in October, but those plans have been pushed back to 2024.

Salt Lake City previously hosted the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2002.