Salt Lake City could be primed for the 2030 Winter Olympics following the USOPC's latest Board meeting ©Getty Images

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) looks to have prioritised 2030 for Salt Lake City's bid to host the Winter Olympics and will seek to "advance dialogue" with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over hosting "as early as 2030".

A resolution to the effect, passed at the USOPC's latest Board meeting, also acknowledges "tremendous progress" has made in the campaign so far.

USOPC chair Susanne Lyons noted that a feasibility study was still to take place to assess whether hosting the Games in the US just 18 months after Los Angeles 2028 would be possible, and a concrete decision to focus on 2030 has not yet been made.

The language indicates 2030 is the focus, but Lyons said discussions were continuing with the IOC, in particular its Future Host Commission for the Games of the Olympiad. 

A 2034 bid remains possible, with the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games also yet to zoom in on a single edition.

 "At our meeting yesterday, the Board unanimously endorsed a resolution that read, 'The Board resolves to formally recognise the tremendous progress made toward hosting the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games in Salt Lake City'," said Lyons. 

"'The strength of Utah's vision and the public support for this effort, and the Board approved a USOPC commitment to advance dialogue - in alignment with LA28 - with the IOC and Future Host Commission towards hosting a future Winter Olympic Games as early as 2030'.

"So we're very excited to have already begun conversations, which are part of a continuing dialogue with the IOC, about the potential for a Winter Games here in Salt Lake City as early as 2030 while recognising the challenges of hosting a Games immediately following the Summer Games in LA28."

Deer Valley is one of the key venues in the Salt Lake City proposal ©Getty Images
Deer Valley is one of the key venues in the Salt Lake City proposal ©Getty Images

While Brisbane has already been awarded the 2032 Summer Olympic Games, the 2030 Winter Games do not yet have a host.

There is interest from Sapporo in Japan, but officials have taken ¥90 billion (£595 million/$793 million/€702 million) out of the latest budget proposal.

The Canadian Olympic Committee is exploring a First Nations-led bid centred on Vancouver and Whistler, while there is also interest from Ukraine and a Pyrenees-Barcelona bid is in the works in Spain.

"We know that Salt Lake City offers a great opportunity for Winter Games that are athlete-centric, spectator-friendly, environmentally-conscious in a state that overwhelmingly supports hosting the Games," said Lyons.

"They have a plan that fits the long-term goals of this state and builds a legacy for global winter sports across the world.

"So these conversations will continue as part of this IOC future-host process, which most likely will continue after the Beijing Winter Games, as we are all somewhat preoccupied with that at the moment."

Lyons added that it could get "quite complicated" if the US was to stage back-to-back Games, both commercially and logistically, but insisted interest was still there to make it happen.

"We are pretty much in the process, our hat is in the ring and if we can make it work for 2030 on all levels, I think no one would be happier than all of us," Lyons said.

"We don't have to do anything else, and the dialogue will just continue to the point where, hopefully, all parties involved will think this is the right answer."

Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics ©Getty Images
Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics ©Getty Images

Collaboration with Los Angeles 2028 will be key, although Lyons said the Organising Committee, while it will be involved in discussions over its feasibility, does not have veto power.

Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, which involved a bidding process later marred by a corruption scandal.

The 2030 Winter Olympics will be awarded under the IOC's revived process whereby the Future Host Commission engages in targeted dialogue with selected countries.

For the 2032 Summer Games, it recommended Brisbane be installed as preferred host, which it was by the Executive Board, before it was confirmed as host by the IOC Session.

Brisbane was the only potential host put forward to the Session.

The USOPC Board motion was billed as "a vital next step for the Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games" by Bid Committee President and chief executive Fraser Bullock.

"We are fully prepared to bring the Games back to Utah as early 2030 and will continue to align with LA28 on what could be an extraordinary period for Olympic and Paralympic sport in America."